December 31, 2011

Winter Holiday Books Blogger Exchange with Jackie from the Hardcover Harlequin

The Winter Holiday Book Blogger Exchange is a Christmas/Holiday Season exchange hosted by the always fantastic Gwenny at Rants~N~Scribbles.
Think of this as a book exchange with a twist!
Not only will we be exchanging books with our partner, but we are also going to participate in a “get to know your blogger partner” post!
I was so very lucky to have been partnered with Jackie from Hardcover Harlequin!  YAY me!  = )
And now….
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Jackie!

This and That – Christmas Edition

Favorite Christmas Song?
 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Favorite Christmas Treat?
 – Pin wheels!
Favorite Christmas Movie?
 – Santa Claus 1, 2, & 3!!
Favorite Christmas Novel?
 – Not really a novel but I use to read it to my little sister, The Night Before Christmas.
Which do you prefer: Presents vs gift bags?
 – PRESENTS! I absolutely love all the colours of paper, and ribbons and bows! And it just gives it a special feeling because people know you took the time to wrap it all :D And if I put it into a bag I wrap what it is! HAHA!

We asked Jackie why she started blogging?
How the Hardcover Harlequin came to be?

There are a couple reasons why I started my blog, the Hardcover Harlequin, but only 2 main ones stick out in my mind. Over the summer I had hardly known what blogging was until one of my good friends showed me her blog from her English Class she was taking in university. I had no idea of the world bloggers had created especially book bloggers! She had persuaded me to start reading Y.A. again and I just fell in love with everything!

I was bored one day at home and I just decided I would try it out … I never knew how much I loved it and how many friends I would end up making!! I just thought I love books and I absolutely love to chat about them and tell people my thoughts so why not make a hobby out of it! I know that really isn’t a reason but it was an incentive, lol. Another incentive or reason would be to really have something to call my own. I really only have one hobby which is reading. I use to play a ton of sports before I injured my back, and now I have blogging and reading! I just think it is a way to fill my time instead of watching TV or lazying about! At least when I laze about I can be productive blogging and reading, lol. I feel like blogging as really become a part of who I am and I am loving all the connections and friendships I have made :) I just want to share my love for books of all shapes and sizes and I have FINALLY found a place to do that.

Now a little extra info, the reason I called my blog the Hardcover Harlequin is because I am only ever known to buy books in Hardcover lol, and I am a die hard closet romantic!! And Harlequin is one of my favourite publishing companies! lol. I thought putting the two together would be catchy! lol.

And finally…
What book did Jackie receive from her wish list and why did she put it on her wish list?
The reason why I choose:
Firelight by Sophie Jordan
One of the main reason I chose this book specifically was because I have never read a book in relation to dragons or anything like that! So I thought this would be a good place to start! lol.
Now I know most people think dragons and books and think Eragon which is true I do have the entire series on my shelf waiting to be read but for some reason Sophie Jordan’s book seemed to just speak to me every time I’d walk into Chapters! lol.
And who could say no to opening lines like:
“A hidden truth. Mortal enemies. Doomed love.”
Honestly it just screams read me, love me, review me!! lol. And the cover just beckons me with its beauty! lol. So many reason to just jump right into this book!
Thank you so much MaryAnn!! You have completed my need to read a story about every single mythological creature out there! lol.
Omg, how cute is she!  Make sure you head on over to the Hardcover Harlequin and check out Jackie’s beautiful blog!  And special thank you to our most awesome host Gwenny from Rants~N~Scribbles for setting this all up for everyone involved!  Make sure you stop on over there too and let her know just how awesome she is!
Can’t wait until next years exchange!


  1. Jacquelynne

    EEEK!! hehe. I love your post :D And I just posted mine about you!! Here check it out!

    I hope you like it!! You've been such a great partner in crime for this Christmas Book Exchange :D Hopefully next year I'll get someone as fantastic as you!! hehe.

  2. I never quite figured out how to do this whole blogging thing right. I mean, during the course of the day, there would be those things that I wish I could blog about but when I get to sit on the desk and finally try to work on it, I realize that it no longer interests me and I switch to consumer mode on these posts instead.

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