October 7, 2015

Wild Sky by Suzanne Brockmann and Melanie Brockmann – Guest Post and Giveaway



Hello readers!  We are so excited to have Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann on the blog today to celebrate Wild Sky!

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“Would You Rather…”
featuring Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann


Suz: Wild Sky is set in the not-so-distant future, in a world where some very special people, mostly girls and young women, are born with an enzyme in their blood that gives them superpowers, like telekinesis or super-strength or even the ability to read minds.

Mel: They’re called Greater-Thans or G-Ts, and while you’d think it’d be cool to be one, there’s a catch.

Suz: Someone discovered that they could use Greater-Thans’ blood to make an illegal drug called “Destiny” that can heal people with serious illnesses.

Mel: Problem is, Destiny is outrageously expensive, instantly addictive, and ultimately fatal.

Suz: But before it kills you, it makes you young and beautiful. So despite it’s drawbacks, a drug like that is immediately in huge demand.

Mel: Oh, yeah, and also?  Before it kills you, it gives you the same kind of superpowers that G-Ts have, while it drives you insane.  Being an addict is bad enough, but when you combine it with superpowers and insanity, you get some very dangerous people who are desperate for more Destiny.

Suz: So if you’re a Greater-Than like our main character Sky, you have to hide your G-T-ness from the very bad people who are trying to hunt you down so they can bleed you dry and use your rare blood to make more Destiny.


Mel: Wild Sky includes the cast of characters we introduced in Night Sky (the first book in the series): 17-year-old Skylar Reid, an inexperienced Greater-Than who feels like she never fits in; her mentor, fellow G-T Dana Zannino; Sky’s upbeat best friend, Calvin, who happily rolls through life in a tricked-out wheelchair; and Sky’s still rather mysterious new boyfriend, Milo.

Suz: But in Wild Sky, we’ve added Garrett, the arrogant high school quarterback who has more going on in his handsome head than you might think; and Garrett’s dad’s latest girlfriend, a Destiny addict named Rochelle—

Mel: Who is ultra creepy.

Suz: And very dangerous. There’s also a new and very powerful Greater-Than named Morgan who has the ability to, among other things, make people speak the truth. Which leads to some seriously embarrassing moments for Dana, who is not the best at sharing her feelings.

Mel: But in a book filled with people who have all kinds of superpowers, it’s the guy in the wheelchair who seems to be able to keep everything—whether it’s danger, or tragedy, or just boredom—in perspective with his sense of humor. And one of the ways Calvin does it is to play his favorite game: Would You Rather?

Suz: It’s pretty simple, really. Calvin makes up a couple of ridiculously bad choices, and then asks which you would prefer. Hang on, I need to channel Cal to get some truly worthy WYR Qs. Let’s see. Earthworms.  Cal does love questions with earthworms.

Mel: This is gonna be bad.

Suz: Yup.  Okay, Mel, would you rather eat three live earthworms or stand naked on a busy street corner for an hour?

Mel: Ugh. Sadly, that’s easy. I’m on the street corner, au natural, in a heartbeat. (I’d need some shade, though, because my skin can’t handle the sunlight.) Sure, it would be embarrassing, but earthworms? Um, no thank you. I don’t think I’d ever stop vomiting. Okay, time for me to channel Calvin.

Suz: Uh-oh.

Mel: Hmm. Would you rather have a rare condition that made you burp uncontrollably every time you saw a hot guy, or have a different rare condition that made you quack like a duck every time you entered a quiet room?

Suz: Can I eat the earthworms?

Mel: Ew! You wouldn’t, would you?

Suz: Absolutely not.  So, quack.  Quack-quack.


And now for some more “Would you Rather…” games:

Question #1 – Would you rather have hair that grows so fast that you need a haircut at the end of each day or be totally hairless?

Jeff Strand, author of The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

Being TOTALLY hairless is kind of a deal breaker, because it would cost me my precious nose hair. I’m too much of a wimp to get my nose pierced, so dangling nose rings from my hair like a Christmas ornament is my only option to wear them. I suppose I could just not wear nose rings, but that would be like not wearing pants. So I’ll take the daily haircuts.


Question #2 – Would you rather have every food you eat smell like pickles or have no sense of smell at all?

Betsy Schow author of the Spelled series

I would rather have everything smell like pickles, perfect weight loss tool. Because I still want to be able to smell the ocean, or lilacs in my garden. But it’s far easier to resist that last piece of cheesecake if it smells dill flavor.


Question #3 – Would you rather communicate only through singing at the top of your lungs or only be able to use digital devices to communicate (email, phones, texts, etc.)?

Mark Alpert author of The Six series

I’d rather sing than text. Because there’s a song for every mood and occasion, I’d always have something to say. In fact, I think I could limit myself to Broadway show tunes and still be able to express all my needs and emotions. If I’m happy, I’ll belt out, “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. If I’m sad, I’ll sing a tearjerker like “Losing my Mind” from Follies. I should mention that I don’t have the world’s best voice, and some of my listeners would probably find it painful to communicate with me. But at least I’d enjoy it.


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