January 15, 2012

Tour Stop: Prophecy of the Flames by Lynn Hardy – Guest Post

Welcome to my Tour Stop for Prophecy of the Flames by Lynn Hardy!
As her book is being made into a movie (how exciting is that!), we have Lynn here today
to discuss what her DREAM CAST would be for Prophecy of the Flames.
Hi, I am Lynn Hardy, a self-published author of the Prophecy of the Flame series. Book One became #1 on Amazon Kindle in 2010 and has recently been picked up for a movie.
However, it’s not like Spielberg called. This will be an independent film, but a film like none other.  The purpose, of what we are calling the Prophecy Project, isn’t a political statement or a debut of some new special effect: The purpose of the Prophecy Project is to entertain millions across the nation with a movie whose net proceeds will help families that are struggling and have lost everything in this recession

As the author, I have donated 100% of my proceeds from Prophecy of the Flame – Book One to Agape Assistance – a 501 (c)(3) that I founded to help families in need. The proceeds from the movie will also go to this charity as well. With Kick-starter contributors funding the Prophecy Project – Agape will be able to receive the 100% of the proceeds from this nationwide film. Donations at the Kick-starter event will get supports a unique gift designed for the Prophecy Project.

I have pictured the characters in Prophecy of the Flame for so long… I often watch movies and ask myself – does this star have a part in my cast?
When I first saw Chris Hemsworth in the latest Star Trek movie, I thought I had found the main character for the altruistic, compassionate, brawny, Prince Szames in Prophecy of the Flame, the movie. But I wasn’t positive. I didn’t see him stand next to anyone… would he be tall enough? Then I saw him in Thor. He looked so much like the picture of Szames I had drawn for my book – I knew he was the perfect person for the part. When Chris took his shirt off, oh man, that massage scene between him and Reba took on a whole new perspective! We need massive fan support on our facebook page to get a star of his caliber for this role…
Prince Alexandros, with his mysterious ability to make the heroin swoon, regardless of any wedding vows, will be a fun character for any actor. Knowing who I want is easy. I originally pictured Peirce Brosnan, in his Remington Steel days, as Alex.  When I saw Brandon Roth as Superman, I knew I had found my dark, cunning, narcissistic prince.  I want to melt just looking at his picture!
The love triangle between the three main characters won’t be complete without a brave, brash, beautiful Reba. For me, picking a Reba is the greatest challenge. I love the fighting spirit that Adrianne Palickishows in her few appearances, I look forward to seeing her as Wonder Woman! But Christina Hendricks has a look about her… something that says “Reba.” But Christina hasn’t done any green screen that I am aware and she isn’t quite as young as I would like for the role of Reba. One of my new favorites for Reba is Emma Stone. Her role as Hanna in Crazy, Stupid, Love really screamed Reba at me.
King Arturo is the father of Szames and Alex. Determined to save his first born, Alex, he embraces the magic Reba brings as well as the fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Flame, heralded by her arrival. Years of politics and training keep his fear of magic from showing, but Reba’s empathy reveals his unease. I could think of no one better to play the enigmatic, stoic, dashing king than Pierce Brosnan. I would be honored to have one of my favorite actors as this minor, yet complicated character.
Picking out the Crusaders of the Light has been fun. Chad, a med-student is morphed into Jamison the master healer.  Watching Devin on the TV series, Chuck, brings Jamison’s surfer background to life. Ryan McPartlin has the kind eyes and upbeat personality for this role.
Charles the Prince Charming is minor role with a huge following. Charles’s vibrant personality, mixed with a dash of humor, and much sex appeal will fit only a few actors on the market. I like Will I Am; his role in Knight and Day showed his aptitude for action and we all know comedic timing is awesome. I also like Edi Gathegi. The first time I saw him in Twilight, I knew he would make an awesome knight for Prophecy of the Flame.
Allinon the druid elf is an annoying, arrogant, know-it-all everyone loves to hate. Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory is perfect for this role. Sheldon’s arrogant, snide, superior tone is just what this character calls for.
Jerik the Dwarf… who can play a good dwarf. If John Rhys Davies can be whittled down to size, I am sure many other actors can as well. My personal favorite is a guy I saw on the new series Grimm. Brad William Henke played a Blutbad named Hap. I’ve seen Brad in many roles. The way he speaks, like words don’t come easy, is exactly what I am looking for when I think of Jerik.
There are a couple of additional female roles that will round out the cast. Andrayia may seem like a minor role, but being the mistress of Prince Alexandros is only the beginning for this pintsized bombshell.  Andrayia will fight for her man, and demons will fall before her sword. Red Riding Hood was where I first spotted Amanda Seyfried. That fantasy movie showed that she has the combination of beauty and power that will make this role a success.
Crystal is a pleasure master who is assigned as Reba’s chambermaid. Her duties, to see to all… and I do mean… ALL of Reba’s needs. Amanda Bynes, from Easy A has the perfect look for the part. I will be interested to see if she has the seductive power to pull off this role.
As you can see, I have high hopes for the cast of the Prophecy of the Flame movie. With enough support at our facebook page, a successful fundraiser at Kick-starter, and a minor miracle, PotF could be a blockbuster that would help families get warm beds for their kids, all across the country. 
Agape Assistance Association homepage
Thanks for stopping by Lynn!  Your dream cast would sure be a cast of beautiful people!
Make sure to stop by all the stops on the Prophecy of the Flames virtual tour!


  1. ladystorm

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  2. Books And Beyond

    What a cool cast! I am def in line to see this movie & have added Prophecy of the Flame to my TBR.
    I LOVE Emma Stone she is my fictional BFF & Amanda Seyfried BLEW me away in Red Riding Hood! I thought I would not like it but I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!
    Plus the cinematography with her wearing the red cape walking in the virgin white snow was breathtaking!
    Who didn't love Chris Reeves SM replacement? He's got it all!
    I am glad someone has Laurant from Twilight in their scope cuz he did a fab job.
    Great post. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

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