May 22, 2015

Tour Schedule: Vessel by Lisa T. Cresswell presented by Month9Books


We are happy to announce the tour schedule for

 Vessel by Lisa T. Cresswell

presented by Month9Books 
and hosted by Chapter by Chapter!

This tour will run from May 25-June 7, 2015.


Week 1:

5/25/2015           Lisa T. Cresswell – KICK OFF

5/26/2015           Two Chicks on Books – Guest Post

5/26/2015           WS Momma Readers Nook – Interview

5/27/2015           Book-Keeping – Review

5/28/2015           Thinking to Inking – Guest Post

5/28/2015           Katie’s Stories – Spotlight/Promo

5/29/2015           We Do Write – Interview

5/30/2015           Lisa’s Loves(Books of Course) – Guest Post

5/30/2015           Diana’s Book Reviews – Spotlight/Promo

5/31/2015           Addicted Readers – Spotlight/Promo

5/31/2015           On Writing and Riding – Interview

5/31/2015           Hope To Read – Spotlight/Promo

Week 2:

6/1/2015             Becca’s Book Affair – Review

6/2/2015             The Page Unbound – Spotlight/Promo

6/2/2015             The A P Book Club – Guest Post

6/3/2015             Head in the Clouds, Heart in the Books – Review

6/3/2015             Lekeisha The Booknerd – Spotlight/Promo

6/4/2015             Word to Dreams – Review

6/4/2015             Twinge Book Reviews – Guest Post

6/5/2015             A Book Addict’s Bookshelves – Interview

6/6/2015             The Avid Book Collector – Spotlight/Promo

6/7/2015             Random Redheaded Ramblings – Review

6/7/2015             Book Lovers Life – Spotlight/Promo


The sun exploded on April 18, 2112. It exploded in a Class X solar storm the likes of which humankind had never seen.

They had nineteen minutes.

Nineteen minutes until the geomagnetic wave washed over the Earth, frying every electrical device created by humans, blacking out entire continents, every satellite in their sky.

Nineteen minutes to say goodbye to the world they knew, forever, and to prepare for a new Earth, a new Sun.

Generations after solar storms have destroyed nearly all human technology on Earth and humans have reverted to a middle ages like existence, all knowledge of the remaining technology is kept hidden by a privileged few called the Reticents and books are burned as heresy.

Alana, a disfigured slave girl, and Recks, a traveling minstrel and sometimes-thief, join forces to bring knowledge and books back to the human race. But when Alana is chosen against her will to be the Vessel, the living repository for all human knowledge, she must find the strength to be what the world needs.

add to goodreadsVessel by Lisa T. Cresswell
Publication Date:  May 26, 2015
Publisher:  Month9Books

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