August 4, 2019

Tour Schedule: Paradox Hunt (Torch World #3) by Dee Garretson

We are thrilled to announce the Tour Schedule for

Paradox Hunt (Torch World #3)
by Dee Garretson

presented by Month9Books!

This tour will run from August 5-9, 2019.

August 5, 2019-Chapter by Chapter-Guest Post

August 6, 2019-bookblogarama-Spotlight

August 7, 2019-BookHounds YA-Excerpt stop

August 8, 2019-Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers-Spotlight

August 9, 2019-Maiden of the Pages-Excerpt stop

The galaxy is on the brink of chaos. Earth has grown repressive over the centuries, touting democratic principles while ruling with an iron fist. 

Sixteen-year-old Quinn Neen has discovered the truth behind the façade of Earth’s stronghold on the galaxy, and he’s determined not to become part of the elite who allow the horrors to continue.

Centuries earlier, Earth secretly annihilated an empire on the distant planet of Fosaan. Unbeknownst to most, some of the ruling family survived. Ansun, a descendant of Fosaan’s last emperor, wants to destroy Earth’s hold on the galaxy and bring his planet back to formidable power. But Ansun intends to rule with the same ruthlessness of past Fosaanian leaders, something Earth will not allow. So to enhance his small military force, Ansun’s stolen some of Earth’s most valuable tech, powerful robots with a breakthrough version of artificial intelligence. If he gets the chance to use it, he should be able to render Earth’s military useless.

Quinn is firmly caught in the middle of the conflict when he befriends Ansun’s niece Mira. Under different circumstances, Quinn and Mira might have become a real couple, if they’d only had time together to get to know each other. But now, Mira’s allegiance to the Fosaanian people must come first.

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