November 3, 2013

Tour Schedule: LIFE, A.D. by Michelle E. Reed – Presented by Month9Books

We are happy to announce the tour schedule for

LIFE, A.D. by Michelle E. Reed

presented by Month9Books and hosted by Chapter by Chapter!

We have 30 stops for this amazing new Month9Books title, 
which will run from December 9 – 22, 2013.


Mon., Dec. 9/13 – Bookish Randomness – Guest Post

Mon., Dec. 9/13 – Reader Girls – Review

Mon., Dec. 9/13 – We Do Write – Interview

Tues., Dec. 10/13 – Cuzinlogic – Interview

Tues., Dec. 10/13 – Jen McConnel – Spotlight/Promo

Wed., Dec. 11/13 – Sweet Southern Home – Spotlight

Wed., Dec. 11/13 – Lisa Cressell – Interview

Thurs., Dec. 12/13 – Books4Tomorrow – Spotlight/Promo

Thurs., Dec. 12/13 – Book Twirps – Interview

Thurs., Dec. 12/13 – Bound 4 Escape – Review

Fri., Dec. 13/13 – Because reading is better than real life – Spotlight

Sat., Dec. 14/13 – Joy’s Blog – Review

Sat., Dec. 14/13 – The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl – Review

Sun., Dec. 15/13 – The Red Bookmark – Interview


Mon., Dec. 16/1 – Lis les Livres – Spotlight/Promo

Mon., Dec. 16/13 – Bookcomet – Review

Tues., Dec. 17/13 – A day in the tangled skeins of my life – Review

Tues., Dec. 17/13 – Nicola Marsh – Spotlight/Promo

Wed., Dec. 18/13 – Writer’s Alley – Review

Wed., Dec. 18/13 – Every Free Chance Book Reviews – Guest Post

Thurs., Dec. 19/13 – Books for a Delicate Eternity – Review

Thurs., Dec. 19/13 – Literary Winner – Spotlight/Promo

Fri., Dec. 20/13 – Lost in Ever After – Review

Fri., Dec. 20/13 – Teen Readers’ Diary – Guest Post

Fri., Dec. 20/13 – Thinking to Inking – Review

Sat., Dec. 21/13 – Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile – Review

Sat., Dec. 21/13 – Tangled in Pages – Spotlight

Sun., Dec. 22/13 – TeamNerd Reviews – Spotlight

Sun., Dec. 22/13 – Katie’s Stories – Spotlight



In Life, A.D. you have two choices: join the program or face the consequences.

Seventeen-year-old Dez Donnelly crashes headlong into fate on the side of a rural highway, her life ending in a violent collision of steel and screaming brakes. The train that delivers her newly departed soul to the crossroads of the afterlife won’t be carrying her to the sweet hereafter until she accepts her abrupt end and learns to let go of the life she’ll never finish.

Her new reality is conduct manuals, propaganda, and unrelenting staff, all part of a system to ease her transition from life to death, while helping her earn her way out of limbo. Atman City, beautiful and enticing, is an ever-present temptation that is strictly off limits to underage souls. The promise of adventure proves too strong, and beneath the city’s sheen of ethereal majesty, Dez discovers a world teeming with danger.

Welcome to Life, A.D. where being dead doesn’t mean you’re safe, and the only thing harder than getting out of limbo is getting through it.

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 Life, A.D. by Michelle E. Reed
Publication Date:  December 10, 2013
Publisher:  Month9Books

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    I love the cover and the book sounds interesting.

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