May 2, 2021

Tour Schedule: Incognito by Katie Delahanty

We are thrilled to announce the tour scheduled for
Incognito by Katie Delahanty
presented by Entanged Teen!

This tour will run from
May 4-7, 2021

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May 5, 2021-Lady Hawkeye-Excerpt stop

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May 6, 2021-Living in a Bookworld-Spotlight

May 6, 2021-Booknerds Across America-Guest Post

May 6, 2021-Beauty & Her Books-Excerpt stop

May 6, 2021 – @gracelwrites – Excerpt

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May 7, 2021-Em & M Books-Excerpt stop

May 7, 2021-Book-Keeping-Review

May 7, 2021 – Sincerely Karen Jo – Spotlight

May 7, 2021-Chapter by Chapter-Interview

In the virtual utopia of the Simulation, everyone will live peacefully and without fear or needs—at least that’s how they’re selling it. But the government plans to use this program to take control of the entire human race. Elisha Dewitt has just been given her first mission to help prevent this, and she’s ready to prove she can go incognito just as well as any other master thief.

Breaking and entering? No sweat. She’s done worse. Stealing a cassette tape from the museum vaults will be easy—in, out, done—until he shows up…and everything gets way more complicated. Garrett Alexander just has that effect.

Nothing is as it seems, and a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse begins with Garrett, her rival and match in every way. Not knowing who she can trust, Elisha decides it’s up to her to rescue everyone—even Garrett—before the world as she knows it comes to a brutal end.

Incognito by Katie Delahanty
Publication Date: May 4, 2021
Publisher: Entangled Teen

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