September 14, 2018

Tour Schedule: Dark Tomorrow by Jeremiah Franklin


We are thrilled to announce the Tour Schedule for

Dark Tomorrow by Jeremiah Franklin

presented by Month9Books!

This tour will run from September 17-28, 2018.


September 17, 2018             Simple Wyrdings                       Spotlight

September 18, 2018             Chapter by Chapter                   Guest Post

September 19, 2018             A Dream Within A Dream           Guest Post

September 20, 2018             Chapters through life                 Review

September 20, 2018             Oh Hey! Books.                        Interview

September 21, 2018            Adventures Thru Wonderland   Review


September 24, 2018             White Sky Project                      Spotlight

September 25, 2018             Maiden of the Pages                 Guest Post

September 26, 2018             All the Ups and Downs              Guest Post

September 27, 2018             Declarations of a Fangirl            Guest Post

September 27, 2018             Bookish Bibliophile                  Review

September 28, 2018             Seraphina Reads                       Guest Post

September 28, 2018             A Book Addict’s Bookshelves   Guest Post 



When a deadly virus decimates the majority of Earth’s population, 16-year-old Sawyer Bradshaw finds he is both immune and alone in a world that has descended into violent chaos. Armed with only his estranged father’s shotgun, and an unrelenting desire to stay alive, Sawyer discovers that he not only has an uncanny knack for cheating death, but also for taking lives. Still, it is not long before he meets his match in a fierce and cunning teenage girl named Sara and by her side Sawyer emerges as more than just a natural-born killer, but also as a leader among men. Nevertheless, as quick as the young survivors fall desperately in love, they find themselves caught up in a series of conspiracies and twisted struggles for power, and they soon realize that more often than not, love, betrayal, and death, tend to walk hand in hand.



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