December 3, 2014

Spotlight: Return to Food: The Life-Changing Anti-Diet by Sherry Strong

While me and Gabby were at the Inspire Toronto International Book Fair, we have the pleasure of meeting Sherry Strong while in the Green Room.

Sherry Strong is the author of Return to Food: The Life-Changing Anti-Diet.

She introduced us to her book, and we had a nice little talk about body image among teen girls, diets, and eating habits.

A cool thing about her book is the illustrations found inside, which she did herself!

What got Gabby’s attention was her talk with Sherry.  They discussed that, as Gabby is a teenager herself, she is surround by  media that romanticizes fitness, but all that teen girls can find are unrealistic images.

Gabby felt that a book like Sherry’s, which was appealing to Gabby from a teen perspective, would promote proper eating habits, instead of girls feeling guilty with everything they eat, or starving themselves to achieve an unrealistic standard of beauty.

Gabby felt that it was an awesome opportunity to speak with someone who actually got it…who understood where Gabby’s thoughts were coming from.

Definitely a book worth checking out.


Chances are if you are feeling flat, fat and tired, or are experiencing chronic illness, you are not eating real food. If you want to bounce out of bed feeling fit and fabulous you must find out what is and isn’t real food. This book challenges prescriptive approaches to diet, eating and food, with arevolutionary philosophical approach based on science and studying the healthiest, longest living people on the planet. This approach has seen thousands of people develop a more pleasurable, healthier, and more sustainable eating lifestyle.”

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Return to Food: The Life-Changing Anti-Diet by Sherry Strong
Publication Date:  December 1, 2014
Publisher:  Influence Publishing Inc

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Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong is a food philosopher, chef and nutritionist who has travelled around the globe to do diet and lifestyle makeovers, and has worked with celebrities, elite athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, billionaires, and Jamie Oliver and his Fifteen Foundation. Sherry’s philosophies and simple strategies help people feel better and live their best life by developing a healthy relationship with food and their body. Sherry was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, the Melbourne Head of Slow Food, Curator and Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project Summit and founder of the Jiivala Holistic Culinary Academy and Holistic Entrepreneurship Program.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Facebook | Twitter


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