June 29, 2015

Spotlight: In the Time of Dragon Moon by Janet Lee Carey – Guest Post and Giveaway


Kathy Dawson Books is pleased to announce a rich medieval fantasy novel from an author whose work has been called “TRULY ORIGINAL . . . FANTASY AT ITS BEST.”


In The Time of Dragon Moon, Kathy Dawson Books/Penguin © March 2015.

A perfectly crafted combination of medieval history, mythology, and fantasy, set on Wilde Island, featuring Uma Quarteney – a half Euit and half English girl, who has never been fully accepted by her Euit tribe – and Jackrun Pendragon – a fiery dragonrider with dragon, fairy, and human blood.
Beware the dark moon time when love and murder intertwine

~In the Time of Dragon Moon is a story of courage and romance that readers will not soon forget.~ VOYA



Passion List

I had a number of things on my Passion List before I wrote In the Time of Dragon Moon. Today I’ll share the top two.

  • to tell a story of identity.
  • to explore mental illness

These two divergent ideas met in the mosh pit of storytelling

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Uma’s Father is Euit. Her mother is English. Her father’s people and her mother’s people have been at war for hundreds of years. For Uma, this means she is at war with herself. She’s in the time of her life when she must proclaim who she is, but how can she reconcile her Euit and English side?

Dragon Moon final cover Jackrun

Jackrun comes to the story with his own Identity issues. He is the firstborn with dragon, human and fairy blood. Called the Son of the Prophecy, he is the one long awaited by the fey folk and the dragons. But Jackrun harbors dangerous power in his body, he’s driven by an internal dragon fire that he cannot control, by sudden bouts of rage, and by a shameful past he will not speak about with anyone, even Uma.

Readers can follow Uma’s and Jackrun’s journeys of Identity through the book and see how they both help and challenge each other at crucial moments. Sometimes the best mirror is your lover’s eyes.

Second on my Passion List was mental illness.

Why? Because ten years ago the disease of schizophrenia struck a beloved family member. The brain disorder crept in over a three year period ending with a full blown psychotic episode. Our family felt besieged as our loved on lost control of his mind. We found help through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) . And along the way, I did what I do best, I turned to writing, pouring my passion, my questions and struggles into the characters if my book.

In In The Time of Dragon Moon, Queen Adela and her healer, Uma, play out the drama as the queen is slowly losing her mind. Uma tries the help the queen through her sudden mood swings. She uses herbs to balance the queen who hears voices, and sees people who aren’t there. Everyone in the castle notices what’s going on. No one, not even her husband the king, will talk about it. Still Uma is expected to cure the queen who holds her captive.

Uma tries to aid her captor with plants and traditional potions she learned from her father, still Queen Adela is falling apart.

As a storyteller, I know I set Uma an impossible task.
But like our own family, Uma finds her gifts not despite the struggle, but because of it.

The Euit Healer’s Creed says: “All people suffer. All people feel pain.”
This is what we share with every human being in the world. But we can also share our stories of hope.

If you made a Passion List of your own, what would you put on it? Would you keep the list to yourself or would you share it with someone?

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  1. Rachel B

    I have a passion list, but it is private and I wouldn’t share it with others.

  2. Janet Lee Carey

    I understand keeping a passion list private. Rachel B. Yet it’s good to have one and to know what’s on it.

  3. bn100

    not sure

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