January 23, 2013

Splash into Spring-Fling Blog Tour feat. Real Mermaids Don’t Need Heels Hélène Boudreau – Spotlight with G!veaway

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Today, we are spotlighting the newest book in the
Real Mermaids series by Hélène Boudreau!

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In Real Mermaids Don’t Need High Heels, Jade can finally begin to get back to her normal life—that is until the ocean reels her back into a battle of mermaids.  The Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up fast and Jade worries about asking Luke, but she’s got bigger fish to fry: the mer-world is on the brink of a civil war and Jade’s caught in the middle. This girl has gumption, but can she do it all?  Can she find the most glamorous dress of her dreams, dive into a political battle of the sea, and finally figure out if she and Luke are officially dating?  Whoever said high school was easy never had to hide a tail whilst winning over her dream boy.

add to goodreadsReal Mermaids Don’t Need Heels (Real Mermaids #3) by Hélène Boudreau
Publication Date:  February 1, 2013
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

About the Author:


Hélène Boudreau writes fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults. She is also a compulsive walker, a chicklet wrangler and a lover of cheese and cheap chocolate.

Her tween novel REAL MERMAIDS DON’T WEAR TOE RINGS is a 2011 Crystal Kite Member Choice Award Finalist.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a copy of all three books in the series:

Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings, book 1

Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath, book 2

Real Mermaids Don’t Need High Heels, book 3


Canada/US ONLY

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  1. Brittany Utley

    Most excited for the 1st and 3rd one I already have the 2nd. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  2. Kelly K

    I’m excited for any of them since I haven’t read any of them yet! So probably should go with the first?

  3. Holly Letson

    I’m excited about all of these. I’ve been wanting to read this series for quite awhile.

  4. Cali W.

    I am excited to read all of them, I looove mermaid books and I can’t find these books in any bookstore! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. vera mallard

    I have not ready any of these , but they sound great and would love to start with #1 Mermaids dont wear toe rings. Whether I win or not, I’m going to buy this series. So many books, so little time; thanks for the giveaway,

  6. Christina K.

    The first one to see how everything happens!! Then all of them:))

  7. Ann S

    I haven’t read any of these, I don’t know why they sound great. I would start at the beginning, so book one.

  8. Sherry

    I LOVE mermaids. If I had to choose one book, it would be Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings. I love the cover. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and turning me on to a new author.

  9. SweetMarie83

    I’m looking forward to all three since I haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet! :-)

  10. Holly Underhill

    Most excited to read all of them. I love mermaid tales, and I can’t wait to start these! :)

  11. Hollow May

    Excited to read this series! I have always wanted to read RMDWTRings. I’ve had them on my tbr for a long time now. Thank you for this giveaway!! *fingers crossed*

  12. Nora-Adrienne

    It would have to be book 1, that way I can get into the story from the very beginning.

  13. Julie R

    I haven’t read any of them and they all sound good. I don’t know which I would most look forward to.

  14. Shelver506

    I haven’t read any of them yet, but HOLD THEIR BREATH by far looks like the cutest.

  15. Meghan Stith

    I would have to say the first one. I don’t usually read the second in the series before the first!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. sarah Kozlowski

    I would start with the 1st in the series.

  17. Natasha

    The first one in the series as I have not started this series yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Angie F.

    Since I haven’t read any of them, probably the first one. Although I adore the title of the third!

  19. Jenn

    I haven’t started the series yet, so I am looking forward to the first one!

  20. Laura

    It seems like a cute series but, since it’s not an international giveaway, I can’t enter :(
    I’ll sit this one out then

  21. Dione Sage

    Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings, book 1 because I haven’t read any of this series.
    Thank you for sharing it with us

  22. Lisa Vazquezanzua

    I bought book 2 about two weeks ago. And I need book 1 and 3 so I can start reading them. When I saw there was a contest for this series I thought omg this is exactly what I need. I can’t wait to read the first book. But I’m looking forward to read all three!! Thank you so much for this giveaway!! *fingers crossed*

  23. corey

    I guess number ONE, for my wife.

  24. Angela


  25. Raina

    Mermaids—how fun! I’d have to choose Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings since I haven’t read the series yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. leannessf

    The first one – haven’t read this series yet!


  27. Courtney

    The first book!!

  28. bn100

    the high heels one

  29. Sarah

    The first one :) Haven’t read this series yet…though they all sound good

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