January 30, 2016

Review: Under Their Skin (Under Their Skin #1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix




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Gabby-2013Though the premise for author Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Under Their Skin sounded a bit vague, I did find the cover to be absolutely intriguing and naturally, had to read and find out what this novel was all about. I will admit that for a middle grade read, Under Their Skin was a novel that I got into with ease. Usually I find it difficult to get into middle grade novels, but Under Their Skin is a fun ride from start to finish that readers of all ages will be able to enjoy.

              When their mother reveals to twins Nick and Eryn that she plans on getting remarried, it’s a rude awakening that forces the twins to adjust inside of a new home, with a new stepfather, and a pair of stepsiblings who they have never met. Nick and Eryn’s curiosity toward their stepsiblings—Ava and Jackson— is one that is met with hostility. The twins aren’t allowed to meet them. And naturally, being told that they can’t do something only makes them want to do it more. As the twins set off on an adventure too meet this new stepsiblings, they quickly discover that nothing is what it seems, and that their entire lives might just be a lie.

              Initially, upon starting Under Their Skin, I was a bit skeptical that the story would have any plot twists that would leave me shocked. Boy was I wrong. Under Their Skin is a novel that leads the reader to think that they know what’s coming next, only to unmask a great reveal that leaves the reader reeling. The plot twists in Under Their Skin weren’t anything I expected and constantly left me flipping pages.

Everything about Under Their Skin in terms of writing is perfect for keeping the reader engaged. Haddix’s writing is easy to read and keeps the story quick-paced. I especially loved that Haddix uses the proper amount of detailing to keep the novel imaginative without overwhelming the reader. This, along with Haddix’s amazing storytelling capabilities makes this is a novel that you just can’t put down.

The sci-fi aspects of Under Their Skin aren’t what the reader might suspect. Once you reach the big reveal (which I refuse to spoil because when I read it I was left going ‘What the heck???’ and everyone deserves that experience) you can’t stop wondering what will come next. The implications of the big reveal are both frightening and intriguing. All readers who pick up Under Their Skin will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I would recommend Under Their Skin to all middle grade readers. Readers who are fans of sci-fi and want a novel that definitely delivers in terms of shock value should give it a read. Any readers who want a novel that offers moral dilemma as well as deals with familial love and family problems should also give Under Their Skin a shot. Overall, a very fun read!


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