August 31, 2016

Review: The King Slayer (The Witch Hunter #2) by Virginia Boecker



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GabbyNewI thoroughly enjoyed author Virginia Boeker’s novel The Witch Hunter. All of the action, lore, and characters that made up the novel were absolutely wonderful and (considering all the potential that was left after the novel’s conclusion) I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel ever since. The King Slayer had a lot to live up to and I had some pretty big expectations from the novel. Unsurprisingly enough, The King Slayer met these expectations with ease.

              After giving up her stigma, Elizabeth Grey has been plotting how to bring down the rule of the tyrant Lord Blackwell. Hiding away in the village of Harrow, Elizabeth has been avoiding the hefty price Blackwell has placed on her head. Both Elizabeth and her allies know that Blackwell is preparing for a war against his men and those who dare to resist him. But facing off against Blackwell might very well mean facing the possibility of losing the people closest to her. As Elizabeth embarks on the next chapter of her journey, she is forced to re-meet people from her past, while also readying herself for the battle ahead.

              As always, I enjoyed Boeker’s prose and characterization. Last time around, it was Elizabeth who really stole the show for me, and once again I’ve fallen in love with her character. She’s the ultimate strong female lead, not just because she’s a total badass, but because Boeker writes her in a way that makes her human. Elizabeth is faced with the consequences of her actions as a Witch Hunter in The King Slayer, and must also face an abusive figure from her past. The way that Elizabeth experiences and deals with these things (while also trying to save the entire kingdom) has me obsessed with her character all over again.

              I felt that compared to The Witch Hunter, this sequel still shared the previous novel’s charm. In The Witch Hunter, the reader really got to experience learning about witches and wizards alongside Elizabeth, and also get caught up on trying to find out who is a friend to Elizabeth and who isn’t. A lot of the suspenseful thrills that were offered in The King Slayer’s predecessor remained. Characters come back from the dead, betrayal lies around every corner, and you never know what may happen next.

              I was very pleased with The King Slayer in its entirety. From start to finish, it was an interesting read that kept me eager to see the novel through to its end. I liked the note that The King Slayer ended off on, and like a proper fangirl, I’m hopeful that maybe I’ll get to see more of Elizabeth someway, somehow in the future.

              I would recommend The King Slayer to readers who are looking for a strong leading female character who is admirable and memorable. Readers who are looking for a novel that incorporates the perfect amount of fantasy and action should also give The King Slayer a go (but not before finishing up The Witch Hunter).


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