May 18, 2013

Review of Toxic (Denazen #2) by Jus Accardo



When a Six saved Kale’s life the night of Sumrun, she warned there would be consequences. A trade-off. Something taken for the life they gained. But Dez never imagined she’d lose the one thing she’d give anything to keep… And as if it’s not enough Dez finds her immunity to Kale fading, the Six brought in to help Kale learn to control his killer touch starts drooling on him the moment they meet. Worse than that? Jade can touch Kale. But bimbo Barbie is the least of Dez’s problems.

After Dez and Kale got away at Sumrun, her father lost not only his most powerful weapon but an important piece of the Supremacy project. Forced by Denazen to remedy the situation, he poisons Dez and offers her a choice–surrender to Denazen for the cure…or die. Determined to find a solution that doesn’t involve being bagged and tagged–or losing someone she loves–Dez keeps the poison a secret. But when a rash of Denazen attacks hit a little too close to home, Dez is convinced there’s a traitor among them. Jade.

Sacrifices, broken promises, and secrets. Dez will have to lay it all on the line if there’s any hope of proving Jade’s guilt before they all end up Residents of Denazen. Or worse, dead…

add to goodreadsToxic (Denazen #2) by Jus Accardo
Publication Date:  October 16, 2012
Publisher:  Entangled Teen

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MaryAnn NewI had forgotten just how much I adored the characters in Jus Accardo’s Denazen series.  As soon as I started delving in the world created by this magnificent author, I was once again swept away in the world of Dez and Kale.

Basically, Toxic pretty much picks up where book one left off.  Dez, Kale, and the gang are hiding out in the sanctuary with Dez’s mon, Kale’s grandmother, and other sixes.  But try and she might, Dez’s father is on a mission…to capture 98 (aka Kale) by any means necessary…even if means sacrificing Dez.  It seems Dez’s father has upped the ante and recruited Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (aka Able and Aubry).  Dez, in her stubborn Dez ways ends up unfortunately in the hands of the brothers, and by simply a touch from one, has been poisoned.  And the only cure is the touch of the other brother.  And how will Dez get this cure?  By turning herself in, in which her father knows that Kale won’t be that far behind.

If you remember from the last book, Dez was the only one who was able to touch Kale without being evaporated, which in turn lead to their very sweet relationship.   As you also remember, Kale was pretty near death, thanks to the hands of one Alex (who has once again captured our hearts and attention in this installment), Dez had to make a choice which in turn would produce some pretty extreme repercussions in order to save Kale.  The price she ended up having to pay was Kale’s touch.  Dez is not able to feel Kale’s touch without experiencing some excruciating pain.  Enter Jade…a vixen with a mission…to claim Kale as hers.  So, not only does Dez have to worry about this poison that is slowly seeping its way into her system and killing her, a new six has been introduced to the group, but the name of Jade.  Jade is able to do what Dez is slowly realizing she cannot…touch Kale.  Which makes for some very interesting and hilarious scenes.

Not only that, Dez realizes that there’s a snitch amongst them who is telling her father where she is so that he can approach her/capture her.  Dez’s fingers, of course, point to the one who threatens her relationship with Kale, but no one believes her!  So Dez takes it upon herself to play Nancy Drew and find out the truth.  But at what cost?

OMG Kale.  Deadly, innocent, sweet, adorable Kale.  I was so excited to be able to get back in to this world and experience more of this luscious guy!  He is exactly as I had remembered from the first book…lethal, soooo sweet, clueless, and endearing.  I craved more moments between Kale and Dez, and with the introduction of Jade, there were many humorous scenes involving Dez the actions she takes because of her jealousy.  The scene in the bathroom killed me!  It was a really good chuckle worthy time, and it solidified for me just how amazing an author Jus Accardo is.

The way in which she could bring out so many different emotions in me in an instant was awesome.  At one point, your laughing at the interactions between the characters, and in the next instant, your heart is breaking for poor Dez, but then you’re angry at the craziness that is Dez’s father.

And the introduction of the new characters was done seamlessly.  It felt as though these characters had been in the story the whole time, without missing a beat.  I am such a fan of Jus Accardo’s writing and am in love with all the characters that she has created.  What I really loved was that even though Dez has been reunited with her mother, there’s no instant mother/daughter everything is perfect as it should be type of relationship.  We are shown the steps it took to even get them where they are now, and showed promise of how many steps it would take for them to get even closer.

I love that the characters are gritty and strong, and that the writing and even the way in which the characters conversed made them all the more real.  The language used was perfect for all situations, and the interactions between the characters still showed that even though they are going through these horrible incidents, they are still teens!  And the gasp worthy ending!  Oh man, I can’t wait to start reading the next book!  I am in dire need of knowing what’s going to happen!

I would recommend this read for fans of the first book, Touch, and for fans of X-men type reads (teens with different powers).  The story of Dez and Kale is one you’re not going to want to miss!

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About the Author:



Jus Accardo is the author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction.

A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.

Her first book, Touch, came out in November 2011 from Entangled Publishing. She is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.


Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. I have the first book in this series, but havne’t read it yet. I’ll have to move it up on my tbr list. Thanks for the review!

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