November 4, 2012

Review of Shift (The Protector #2) by M.R. Merrick


Devastated by a terrible loss, Chase is trying to balance the life he’s been left with, a family he’s still getting to know, and power he never thought he’d have. He doesn’t understand why the Goddess has named him the Protector and granted him two gifts: the Mark, a tattoo that now covers his back, and the ring. But between getting interrogated by the Circle and psychic attacks from Riley, the Mark is the least of his concern. There’s a demon inside Rayna that’s fighting to be released, and it’s not her inner witch. It’s something else—a monster threatening to tear her apart.

As Chase struggles to control his magic, his enemies are closing in. Everyone has staked a claim on his ring, and destroying it may be his only chance to stop Riley. But Chase must decide if stopping him is worth risking the lives of everyone he cares about, or if protecting the ring will be enough to save his world.

Shift (The Protector #2) by M.R. Merrick
Publication Date:  February 1, 2012

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Can I just squee for a moment?  *squee!*  I was so excited to be thrust back into M.R. Merricks world of Underworlders and Demon Hunters.  Of the short amount of time between me reading the first book, Exile, to the time I started reading book two, Shift, it felt like I was away from this unforgettable group of characters for years!  When in reality, it was maybe a couple of weeks.  That’s just how AWESOME this story is.  Unforgettable characters, an addictive storyline, and a certain je ne sais quoi!  All I know is that I need more!  Bring on book three!

So Shift picks up in and around the time where Exile ends.  Chase is trying to come to terms with the loss of his mother and trying to find a place to belong.  He now lives with Rayna and Marcus in their condo, but will it ever really feel like home to him, when home was wherever his mother was?  And not only that, but the opening events that happen in the beginning pretty much grabs your attention and then you’re hooked.  I know I was!  We witness Rayna trying to shift into her animal form.

Can I just say that the descriptions provided by author, M.R. Merrick, during these events was so real that I was pretty much able to see the images of the yuckyness of the attempted shift? The blood, the fluids (ick), the ripping/tearing sounds, the screams…omg I was so right there!  It was like an accident you can’t look away from.  In reality, you know…if shifts and underworlders and demon hunters existed…I would not be able to be in the same radius of this event, but the imagery popped out at me with every word.  And don’t think this is the only time you’ll be lucky enough to read about what happens to one’s body when they shift.  Oh no no no, my dear readers.  This happens quite a bit in the book, and each time was described just as well as the first.

Not only does Chase have to now worry about Rayna and her inability to shift, but he and his band of misfits go to meet the Circle (yes, the same circle that ousted him and his mother all those years ago) to discuss the events that transpired in Exile.  Much arrogance and displays of magic ensues and they are not any more ahead in trying to figure out how the ring works, what his markings mean, and how to stop his crazyass father, Riley, from bringing on the Apocalypse.  And to top that all off, everyone wants a piece of the ring!  The Circle, Riley, other Underworlders, and even Vincent…yes Vincent who I was starting to crush on in book 1.  Although, now in Shift, Vincent is less of a crush to me and more of a force to be reckoned with.

We are reunited again with those very characters we grew to love in Exile.  Tiki is still adorably loyal, a new Willy emerges that you can’t help but love even more, Marcus unveils some surprising news to Chase (although not so surprising to me because I thought it was pretty obvi), Rayna struggles with her shifting and seeks help from a pack of werecats, Victor is…well…Victor, and Chase is still trying to figure it all out.

Different allegiances formed, new sworn enemies introduced and re-visited, Shift was an amazing follow up to Exile.  With unbelievable world building, strong character development, and a storyline that still reminds of The Mortal Instruments series with a dash of Harry Potter, this is one story that you simply won’t be able to put down.

With so many different surprises and twists that come up in Shift, this series has easily become one of my top must reads of all time.  I can’t wait to see what more M.R. Merrick can pull out of hat with these characters and this storyline.  If you haven’t started these yet, what are ya waiting for?  You won’t be sorry… Bring on book 3!

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M.R. Merrick is a Canadian writer, and author of Exiled, the first installment in The Protector Series. Having never traveled, he adventures to far off lands through his imagination and in between cups of coffee. As a music lover and proud breakfast enthusiast, he’s usually found at the computer, between a pair of headphones and in front of a large bowl of cereal.

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  1. Ashley

    Isn’t Merrick just AMAZING?? I respect him so much as an author and for being an amazing self published author! And The Protector series is just phenomenal. Wow! Can’t wait to read book 3!

  2. Natalie Cleary

    I have had the first book since it came out but havent gotten to read it yet. Ill definitely have to get to it soon though. The books sound amazing!!! Great reviews like this make me want to read it so bad :)

  3. Good review. This sounds like an interesting series.

  4. kimbacaffeinate

    how did i miss this amazing-tastic sounding series?? Adding to my list!

  5. I’ve read the first one so I’m glad to hear that the second is just as good, if not better. I really enjoyed Exiled a lot so I’m definitely reading Shift, it sounds fairly intense.

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