January 30, 2013

Review of Rouge (Cheveux Roux #1) by Leigh Talbert Moore with Interview


As the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans, Hale Ferrer has only one goal: Escape.
Escape from the lies and manipulations, from the nonstop work and constant hunger, and from her growing fear that one day she’ll have to earn her living in the secret back rooms, where the dancers do more than dance.
But she won’t go without Teeny, the orphan-girl she rescued from the streets and promised to protect.
Freddie Lovel, Hale’s wealthy Parisian suitor, is the perfect solution. He says he loves her, he knows nothing of her impoverished background, and he has the potential to sweep her and Teeny far away from their bleak existence in south Louisiana.
If only his touch could arouse her interest like Beau’s, the poor stagehand who captures her heart. Beau, who makes her laugh and feel safe, who rescues her from more than one close call, and whose blue eyes are like Louisiana iris flowers.
Denying her fears, Hale is ready to choose love and a life with Beau, until a predator lurking in their theater-home launches a chain of events that could cost her everything–Teeny, their one hope of escape, and possibly even her life.

add to goodreadsRouge (Cheveux Roux #1) by Leigh Talbert Moore
Publication Date:  November 12, 2012

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MaryAnn NewRouge by Leigh Talbert Moore was a story that took me by surprise.  It was one that I ended up really enjoying.  A majority of the characters were engaging and full of personality.  Author, Leigh Talbert Moore, does a fantastic job in spinning a tale detailing how far one would go to keep someone they love safe from any harm, and to find a new life.

Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore follows the life of main character, Hale Ferrer, who is the star of the very theatre she lives in.  On the stage, her voice mesmerizes the audience, but the scenes behind the stage are far from the glitz and glamour of the theatre.  The dancers provide other services to any gentlemen callers in order to earn their keep, and it seems although Hale may be safe for now due to a promise made on her mother’s deathbed, little 12 year old Teenie seems to be attracting the wrong kind of attention.

Hale now knows that she must take Teenie away from the theatre in order to keep her safe and innocent.  Her one true ticket out is by hoping to gain the affections of a wealthy fan of hers, Freddie Loval, and somehow get a proposal out of him so that she can Teenie with her, and away from all the dangers associated with the theatre.

Hale thought she had her whole plan worked out until a new stage hand enters the scene and throws a whole new loop into everything she has worked for.  Beau is shy, sweet, and sexy and seems to be absolutely smitten with Hale.  And try as they might, there seems to this strong connection between them that makes it impossible to keep them apart, try as Hale might.  But will Hale choose the safety that can only be found with Freddie?  Or will choosing love with Beau be enough to give them the safety that she’s been working so hard to achieve.

I was absolutely mesmerized by this dark and raw world created by Leigh Talbert Moore.  Rouge is a story of survival, and it was difficult to tear myself away from the pages.  All the details combined with this fantastic storyline made Rouge an “on the edge of your seat” type read with a beautiful love story woven into the mix.

I did find myself so annoyed with the youngest of the characters, Teenie.  Her fascination with falling in love and first kisses had me so frustrated.  The way she would get angry at Hale for talking to Beau or showing any sort of emotion towards him.  I understand crushing.  I mean, we’ve all had them…young or old… but when she started going on and on about Guy and swooning over him and refusing to listen to Hale or Roland’s warnings, she still sees him alone.  And helloooo…wouldn’t the warning bells start to go off when he asks for a lock of your hair?  I understand being young and “in love”.  Really, I get it!  But I don’t remember my daughter being like that at 12.  Heck, I don’t remember MYSELF being like that at 12.  But then again, perhaps it had something to do with the environment Teenie’s had to grow up in, or maybe even the era in which the story takes place.

But on the flip side, my absolute favorite character had to be the ever faithful Roland.  How could you not love this character.  Doing whatever he had to do to keep Hale safe.  How he would somehow manage to play the knight in white armor and rescue her when she needs it most.  I loved his personality and his humor, and I wanted a Roland of my very own!  I loved how he knew how to work the secrets of the theatre to help out those who needed help (i.e. Evie), and I loved how regardless how awful and mean Hale is to him at times, he still remains ever faithful to her and loves her.  He’s the best best friend ever!

And Beau?  Well, it’s really difficult not to fall for this big teddy bear.  His devotion to Hale is so awe worthy, and how he wears his emotions on his sleeve is endearing.  And the little surprises that he does for and gives to Hale is so sweet!  There were a few moments where I found myself saying “awww, he remembered!”.  And Freddie?   Awwww Freddie…I’m rooting for ya buddy!  Seriously, I loved this character too!  His adoration for Hale, and his “I am your number one fan” attitude!  I found him also sweet, and innocent and I feel so sorry for him!  Argh! I was willing him to hear my voice, telling him to move on and to find true love… Sorry Hale…

All in all, with so many characters that I could not get enough of and such an addicting story, Rouge by Leigh Talbert Moore is one book that I’m so glad to have read!  Fans of New Adult / mature Young Adult reads, stories of survival, and villains that are truly heinous will devour Rouge.  I can’t wait for the next installment!  I need to see how this story turns out.


Top Favs with Leigh Talbert Moore

1-You’re home alone, there’s a fire!  Top 3 things you’d grab and save from the fire.


Oh no! (LOL!) I’m going to assume my cat got out before me… #1 – my photo album (I’m now moving it to a handy spot!); #2 – my laptop (all my books and story ideas!); #3 – my purse (because I’m grandma—LOL! No, seriously. I got mugged once, and I spent more money replacing all the crap in my purse…)

2-Top 3 favorite authors (dead or alive) and why:


Barbara Kingsolver, because I just love all her books. Always have. Sarah Dessen, because she has the most amazing way of gently unfolding a story and then twisting it around. I’ve never read a book of hers I didn’t love. Jolene Perry, because she’s a great friend, and I love and totally get her stories.

3-Top 3 favorite books that inspired you to write and why:


You know, when I read a powerful book or one I really, really love, it kind of has the opposite effect on me. I wallow for a few days and consider giving up writing because I’ll never write anything as good as that… (LOL!) Then it passes, and I get back in the saddle to try again.

4-Top 3 favorite techniques to overcome writers block and why:


I don’t call it “writer’s block,” but sometimes I’ll get stuck working on a story. Like I don’t know where to go next or how to get to Point B or how I’m going to solve X problem. So I either #1-Go for a run while listening to the soundtrack for the book (or songs that make me think of the story); #2-Do something totally unrelated, like see a movie with my daughters; or #3-Talk it out with my husband or a writer-friend who knows the story. Totally works.

5-Top 3 favorite movie moments and why:


Oh, I LOVE movies. And the moments that become my favorites usually come after I’ve seen one several times. Like in Casablanca, you’d think the end or when Rick says, “Here’s looking at you kid,” would be the best moment, right? But it’s not. For me, the part when Rick’s waiting for Ilsa in his bar the very first night after she showed up again, the conversation he has with Sam… pure awesomeness. And in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, when Holly holds the dollar at Fred/Paul and tells him he should be used to taking money from ladies. Omg, that’s such a powerful moment. And #3, in The Royal Tennenbaums, when Chaz says, “I’m having a hard year,” I cry every. single. time. (I love all of Wes Anderson’s films.)

Thank you guys so much for having me here! And thanks for reading Rouge!

Thank you for stopping by Leigh!  Love your answers!

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I’m the hat lady–wife, mom, reader, writer, caffeine addict, chocoholic, southern expat, and beach bum.
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  1. Ashley

    Fabulous review! I agree with a lot of what you said. :) And OMG Teenie drove me nuts too! But overall I really liked the darkness of this story. :)

    And I totally LOVE Freddie too. He’s just so cute and sweet. I want him to win!

  2. Chapter by Chapter

    Thanks Ashley! #TeamFreddie

  3. Leigh Moore

    Thanks so much for your lovely review, MaryAnn! I’m so happy you enjoyed Rouge! I love all the characters so much (well, except the bad ones!), and I can’t wait to dive back into #2 once I have Letting Go on the shelves!

    I love Freddie, too! AND Beau… *sigh* And little Teeny–you know, the model for her was Amy from Little Women? That book is set around the same time period, and since Teeny is very spoiled by Hale, it seemed like the perfect model for their relationship. Maybe yes? :o)

    Thanks again! Best to you, <3

  4. Chapter by Chapter

    Thanks Leigh! Ahhhh yes I see what you were doing there now that you referenced Little Women! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for these characters next!

  5. Ivana

    I loved this book! And I honestly don’t know which one of the guys I loved more. Beau is so passionate, but Freddie grew on me because he’s such a darling.
    Great review :)

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