August 25, 2013

Review of False Sight by Dan Krokos


All Miranda wants is a normal life. She’s determined to move past the horrible truth of her origin as a clone so she can enjoy time with her boyfriend, Peter, and the rest of her friends at school. But Miranda quickly learns that there’s no such thing as normal – not for a girl who was raised to be a weapon. When one of her teammates turns rogue, it begins a war that puts the world in jeopardy. Now Miranda must follow her instincts – not her heart – in order to save everything she’s fought so hard to keep. with the image of a terrible future seared into her mind, what will she have to sacrifice to protect the people she loves?

Dan Krokos’s sequel to the tour de force False Memory is a mind-blowing thriller with high-octane action that will leave readers begging for the final book in this bold and powerful trilogy.

add to goodreadsFalse Sight (False Memory #2) by Dan Krokos
Publication Date:  August 13, 2013
Publisher:  Hyperion

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Gabby NewAfter the way that False Memory by author Dan Krokos ended I was eager to find out what would happen next to Miranda and her teammates. (And if you haven’t read the first novel in this totally awesome, sci-fi trilogy I recommend you turn back RIGHT NOW and get reading) As readers who finished False Memory know Miranda, Peter, Sequel, Rhys and Noah discovered the existence of the creators and that they are all clones of their original selves. In False Sight the characters return and find themselves to be Earth’s last hope.

After everything that happened in False Memory the team decides to try and live normal lives however it doesn’t take long for them to notice that they can never lead normal lives. At a dance a member of the team goes rogue and kills one of Miranda’s closest teammates. Suddenly Miranda and her remaining teammates discover that Earth is now involved in a war that puts everything they’ve ever known in danger. Miranda has to face everything she knows mentally to try and figure out how to stop their rogue teammate and save the world. This leads Miranda to a plot involving the creators, alien threats intent on destroying Earth and an object that can save them all.

You have no idea how much I cried while reading False Sight. I cried within the first thirty pages, I cried throughout the novel, I cried at the very end. Where I wasn’t very emotional while reading False Memory, False Sight was an emotional rollercoaster. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next a plot twist is thrown into the mix that changes everything. Personally, I enjoyed all the plot twists considering that False Memory didn’t have quite as many and it kept me on the edge of my seat. However by the end of the novel while I wiped my tears and found myself shocked by the novel’s ending. You won’t see it coming.

False Sight does have more action, more clone/memory drama and more deaths than I expected. All of this does take a toll on main character Miranda but what surprised me was how her character really grew from the first novel. Miranda is forced to make a lot of hard decisions, she has to do a lot of things that change her character and at the end of it all Miranda has to do something huge in order to save everything she’s ever worked and cared for. I really loved getting to see Miranda in this novel and watch her achieve some insane feats.

 False Sight also gets into the sci-fi aspect of the novels by a lot. I don’t want to give too much away ‘cause, you know, spoilers but I will say that once Miranda and the team get into saving the world from the eyeless and stopping their rogue teammate that things get crazy. Miranda becomes more heroic than ever, using her abilities and her skills to save her life. With that comes a lot more action scenes that are heart pounding, thrilling and described perfectly.

I would recommend the False Memory trilogy to readers who are looking for an exciting sci-fi read that is packed with action, romance and plot twists. Readers who want a badass heroine will fall in love with Miranda. Fans of fast paced novels who are looking for a new series should definitely check out the False Memory novels.






After pumping gas for nine years to put himself through college, Dan Krokos, now twenty-six, dropped out to write full-time. He enjoys watching TV, playing MMORPGs, and drinking coffee. Currently, he’s hard at work on the next book in Miranda’s journey.

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