August 30, 2012

Review of Erasing Time by C.J. Hill


In this high-action and romantic futuristic adventure, there is no escape from the future for two contemporary girls pulled out of their own time.

When twins Sheridan and Taylor wake up 400 years in the future, they find a changed world: domed cities, no animals, and a language that’s so different, it barely sounds like English. And the worst news: They can’t go back home.

The twenty-fifth-century government transported the girls to their city hoping to find a famous scientist to help perfect a devastating new weapon. The moblike Dakine fights against the government, and somehow Taylor and Sheridan find themselves in the middle. The only way to elude them all is to trust Echo, a guy with secrets of his own. The trio must put their faith in the unknown to make a harrowing escape into the wilds beyond the city.

Full of adrenaline-injected chases and heartbreaking confessions, Erasing Time explores the strength of the bonds between twins, the risks and rewards of trust, and the hard road to finding the courage to fight for what you believe in.

Erasing Time by C.J. Hill
Publication Date:  August 28, 2012
Publisher:  Katherine Tegen Books
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** This title was provided to us by the publisher for an honest review.
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What would you do if the world that you’ve known all your life was ripped away from you in an instant?  How would you feel if you were all of a sudden transported into a world four centuries into the future?  How would you know who to trust?

For twins Sheridan and Taylor, that is exactly what happened to them.  One day, they are sitting in their room making plans and the next minute, a flash of light appears and takes them away from all that they know.  Now, they find themselves in a world that is well into the future.  Where the English language that they know is completely different and their beliefs are all but forgotten, and pretty much illegal.

Sheridan and Taylor find themselves amongst a group of scientists who have created a machine that searches for an individual in the past, and basically sucks them into the future.  The target that they were going for goes by the name Tyler Sherwood.  But instead, these future scientists end up transporting both Sheridan and Taylor into their time.

But how safe are the twins?  With the threat of having their minds erased so as not to corrupt the general populace with their “old school” ideals, both Sheridan and Taylor have to find a way to escape.  Not only do they need to get away from the very government that wants to erase their minds/memories, but they also find themselves needing to find a way to stay away from the Dakine, a group of individuals who are basically classified as the Mafia of their time.

Enter Echo and his father, Jeth.  Both had been in the room when Sheridan and Taylor had been transported to act as translators.  Echo seems to be someone that the twins can entrust their lives in, but behind those blue eyes lies a deep, dark secret that may end up being their demise.

Erasing Time was an intriguing story with a very promising story line.  For me, there were times where the story was a little slow, and it did take some time for the story to pick up in some parts.  I found it very entertaining when Sheridan and Taylor had to speak in slang in order for them to devise their plans, and to not have Echo and his father understand what was really being said.  There were certain points that I found very humorous, as the slang used did not translate at all for the new world.  Words were taken literally, and I could easily imagine the shock on their faces as the girls spewed out the sentences.

Although the Dakine were supposed to be one of the biggest threats in the book, there was actually not much time spent with this said group.  We learn about some of the corruption that they can do, including murder, but it would have been interesting to see more from that group.

I did love the various plot twists and turns that author, C.J.  Hill incorporated in the storyline.  Even though I was able to figure out what the big shock factor in the book would be, it still didn’t deter me from continuing on with this story and watch it all unfold.

Fans of Sci Fi reads will come to appreciate Erasing Time and the concept of time travel.  If you’re looking for more of a scientific YA read, then Erasing Time by C.J. Hill may just be the book for you.

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  1. Great review! I have yet to read any books about twins that I remember. I started Her Fearful Symmetry but never finished for some reason. This one looks very intriguing. :D

  2. Jill Marie

    Sci-fi is my favorite!
    This book sounds like it’s right up my alley!
    Thanks for the review!
    I am now following you guys!
    We are also on the same Crewel Street Team! :D
    If you could follow me back that would be awesome!

  3. Jill Marie

    Sci-fi is my favorite!
    This sounds like a book right up my alley!
    Thanks for the review!
    I am a new follower of your blog!
    We are also on the same Crewel Street Team!
    If you could follow me back that would be great :D

  4. Chapter by Chapter

    Absolutely! I totally forgoet about the Crewel Street Team. Yay!

  5. kimbacaffeinate

    gosh, i don’t know now. It seems like there were some issues, but I am glad you still enjoyed it overall.

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