December 24, 2011

Review of Diabolical by Cyntia Leitich Smith

When “slipped” angel Zachary and his werewolf pal Kieren are summoned under suspicious circumstances to a mysterious New England boarding school, they quickly find themselves in a hellish lock-down with an intriguing assortment of secretive, hand-picked “students.” Plagued by demon dogs, hallucinatory wall décor, a sadistic instructor, and a legendary fire-breathing monster, will they somehow manage to escape? Or will the devil have his due? Best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smith unites heroes from the previous three novels in the Tantalize Series — including Zachary’s girl, Miranda, and Kieren’s love, Quincie — along with a fascinating cast of all-new characters for a suspenseful, action-packed clash between the forces of heaven and hell.

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** This book was provided to us by the publisher, and we were in no way paid for our review.
The review was done simply because we support and believe in the author’s works**

As soon as I started reading, I was once again fully immersed into this hauntingly beautiful world created by Cynthia Leitich Smith. I personally think that you can get by without reading the other three books from the Tantalize series as Smith does a fantastic job of explaining the backstory with each character. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have read them because you’ll have a more in-depth knowledge of the characters histories.
We are once again reunited with characters we have grown to love in the previous books of this series, and this particular book did not disappoint. True fans of Cynthia Leitich Smith will immediately fall in love with this story. With her classic back and forth point of views presented in each chapter, we are treated with a clearer understanding of what is going on in each character’s mind, and see what sort of struggles they are trying to get through. We are also introduced to a few new characters that the readers will come to love, as they do the original cast.
Even though Zach and Miranda are not “physically” together, you can see through Smith’s beautiful writing how much love they still have for each other, even in the afterlife. By having Miranda “report” from Penultimate (somewhere between earth and heaven), we are able to see what is going on in the story from a bird’s eye view. I love that Smith incorporated this style of writing in the story.
There were various points throughout the book where I actually gasped out loud, and my eyes did a little bit of a bulging out thing, and my mouth hung open! It was so creepy, and gross and intriguing all at the same time. Even through all that, I couldn’t turn away. I had to keep reading. Like seriously….snakes coming out of the mouth? Ewwwwwww! Must keep reading on…
Smith has a writing style that is so addictive! With all the different twists and turns throughout the book…omgosh! Sooo good. How many more plot twists can Smith come up with? Just when I think that there couldn’t possibly be anything else she can come up with, I’m foiled yet again! I just love, love love (!) her writing so much…
The pace in her writing is just perfect, leaving the reader with so many different emotions. I’ve found myself “eeping” out loue, and uttering “whaaaat?!?” so loud that I would startle other family members here and get the stink eye… Everything is just so descriptive that there is no way the reader cannot visualize everything being read. You can almost smell the surroundings, and even feel what the characters are feeling. Smith’s vivid description of Hell is absolutely terrifying. I could pretty much hear the moan and wails, feel the touching and scraping of the hands and fingers…so creepy.
And don’t even get me started about the build up towards the end. I just hearted this book so much. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heaven vs. hell read, craves paranormal romance, and love to get creeped out from time to time. Come see how epic vampire/angel love story pans out. You won’t be disappointed…

While Eternal was all about vampires, Diabolical was all about Demons and Angels *gasps and covers mouth*, which is a pretty great thing considering that all through Eternal I was wondering when we would begin to learn all about the Heaven that Zachary knows and Hell which obviously nobody really wants to go. When reading Diabolical, I felt like I was reading a novel that was a completely different story which is not a bad thing, since Eternal revolved around Miranda’s life as a vampire and Diabolical revolved itself around the hunky slipped angel Zachary’s new life helping regain the souls of Eternals (or vampires).

Not only did the novel show the development of the characters from the first novel, and the characters from Tantalize, but it also gave us a moment to let us see how Zachary is still grieving over Miranda’s death. The way his thoughts are always about ‘his girl’ and how he can’t wait to be re-united with her or how he just knows she’s looking watching over him. Talk about your ‘awww’ moment. The entire novel when I read from Zachary’s POV (point of view) I constantly was hoping that he would finish up with his assignment and get to go into the Divine with Miranda.

Now to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading the novel, I was curious about when things would get exciting. Then just like *snaps fingers* that- we get thrown into Scholomance Prep, the school that Zachary and hunky werewolf Kieran end up going to to save Miranda’s best friend Lucy. It was great to read all of Kieran’s thoughts while they were in what was literally the Devil’s school. I also found myself laughing when some of the new characters like Vesper or Nigel said something totally off topic. When reading Diabolical I also began to think that everybody would be totally creeped out by the spirit who teaches the ten students at Scholomance Prep, Ulman who will kill any student who steps out of line.

I recommend this to all the fans of Eternal and Tantalize and to anybody who hasn’t began reading this amazing series. I also would recommend this to anybody who wants a slightly darker, but also funny supernatural novel.

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