December 21, 2012

Review of Beyond (Crossroads Saga #3) by Mary Ting with G!veaway


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Torn between the past she can’t remember and a future she isn’t ready for, Claudia feels at a loss. With unanswered questions, she is certain there is more to her past than just being a venator. Finding the missing pieces in her life won’t be easy because duty calls. When mysterious dark shadows get released, an apocalypse sets in motion. The venators and the alkins must work together once again. Knowing Claudia would be the key to destroying the demons that were released, a familiar stranger appears to protect her. Drawn to the beautiful angel, Claudia finds she must unravel the mysteries of her past in order to help save the world. Who is the angel assisting her and why does she feel a strong connection to him? Time is running out. Will she discover all the secrets before it’s too late?

add to goodreadsBeyond (Crossroads Saga #3) by Mary Ting
Publication Date: September 21, 2012
Publisher: World Castle Publishing

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MaryAnn NewBeyond by Mary Ting was a great follow up to its two predecessors! More action, and so romantic. We are caught up once again in the world of angles, fallen angels, demons, and humans.

Beyond picks up where Between picks up. Claudia is thrust into the world of venators and alkins. After having being stripped of her memories by the uber sexy Michael, the casual run ins that Claudia has with her old gang is exactly just that…run ins. With her memories of them and their times together forgotten, it was not only heart breaking for them to see her and not have Claudia remember them, it was equally heart breaking for me to read and know the history that was always there.

But above them all, what truly crushed me was seeing how Michael just couldn’t stay away. After what he did and what he knows Claudia won’t remember, he still can’t keep his distance. The love and affection he feels for Claudia were are visible for all to see, but the one person that he is hoping and praying will remember…doesn’t. All Michael is to Claudia is just some irresistible stranger that seems to stir up certain feelings inside.

Not only do we get to witness the affections that Michael still harbours for Claudia, we see Austin’s feelings grow stronger and stronger for her. Try as he might to keep his feelings for Claudia to come to the surface, his love for her grows stronger and stronger. And could it that the feelings that she is having towards Austin is because Austin has been assigned as her Guardian Angel?

But life with the angels isn’t only about forbidden love and stolen glances. The apocalypse appears to be on the horizon, and all due to the people that were thought as being trustable. The backstabbing and the plot twists and turns made the third book in this saga the most exciting of the three to date.

Once again, Mary Ting shows off how fantastic she is at building up exciting moments. As I’ve praised in the past, the way in which she writes fight scenes made me feel as though I was right there, in the thick of things. The way in which she had the scenes jump from character to character gave me the entire 360 effect I always hope for when it comes to battle scenes.

And speaking of battle scenes, the epic show down near the end was fantastic! It was written with great detail, and parts were written with so much emotion. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment, and swept away by the scene unfolding. You can’t help but hate the evil doers in the book, and you most definitely will fall in love with characters, both old and new.

Your heart will break and you will fall in love all over again. Fans of the first two installments to this saga will completely devour Beyond, and will anxiously await the fourth book which I’m sure will be full of the romance we’ve all come to love, and the excitement that we know will definitely be hidden in the pages.

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About the Author:

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing Crossroads was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother. It was inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl.

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