October 12, 2016

Review: Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



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GabbyNewBy the time I’d finished Illuminae, I was in love. Everything from the world building, to the storyline, to the unique way that Illuminae’s story was told sucked me in. I’ve been dying to read Gemina and when I got my hands on it I pounced at the opportunity to be awed again by Kaufman and Kristoff. Gemina doesn’t disappoint. It takes readers on another thrilling, heart-pounding mystery where you never know what will happen next.

              Taking place right where Illuminae ended off, Gemina continues onboard the space station Heimdall. Protagonists Hanna and Nik live to completely different lives. Hanna is the daughter of the station’s commander and has everything she could ever want from a great guy to a lavish and pampered lifestyle. Nik is the complete opposite. Born into a notorious crime family, Nik lives in the space station’s shadows and it’s only through his family’s operations that he and Hanna’s paths cross. It isn’t until a murderous team of BeiTech operatives invade Heimdall that Hanna and Nik are forced together. Working against BeiTech’s nefarious agenda and trying to rescue the people onboard Heimdall, Hanna and Nick are racing against time before the jump station is wiped out completely.

              I loved Gemina. I’m not surprised by that either. The one thing that I worried about most when I read that we were meeting two entirely new protagonists was that the characters would feel too much like Kady and Ezra. After all, nobody wants to hear the same storyline rehashed with similar faces. Luckily Gemina isn’t that kind of book. Not by a long shot.

              Nik and Hanna are two characters that I absolutely adored while reading. Nik is your typical bad boy with a troubled and mysterious past. But he’s also a bad boy with a troubled and mysterious past in space. He’s cocky and wise-cracking, and the operations of his criminal family are incredibly risky on board a space station like Heimdall and add a level of intrigue to his character. Hanna is your typical good girl who’s treated like a princess. But she’s a good girl who’s treated like a princess in space and she’ll kick your ass any day of the week. Seriously, Hanna is such a badass and like Nik, she’s such a round character. I loved the protagonists of Gemina. They definitely steal the show.

              Gemina can stand apart from Illuminae in a lot of ways. The storylines are completely different, but still progress the overall plot of the series. Gemina’s story kept me on my toes, however some of the previous dangers and threats found in Iluminae are exchanged in Gemina for other things. The one thing I noted right away was that Gemina really delved into the scientific aspects of space travel and opened the door for a very exciting and unique story.

              Like it’s predecessor, Gemina is full of danger. It’s a story that keeps you reading and reading as you try to find out who will live and who will die. The only thing that left me conflicted was how the danger in Gemina didn’t feel as daunting or ominous as the danger in Illuminae. In Illuminae it felt like everything bad that could happen did happen, and I’m not sure I can say the same for the series’ sequel.

              I would recommend The Illuminae Files to readers who are looking for a genuinely good sci-fi. Any readers who are looking for a novel that has elements of romance, action, thrills and even a bit of horror should give it a try. These are, in my opinion, the perfect novels told in a unique way that is refreshing and evocative.


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