August 21, 2016

Review: Day Zero (The Arcana Chronicles #3.5) by Kresley Cole





MaryAnn-2015I’m not normally a fan of companion novels.  In all honestly, I avoid them like the plague.  They’re just not for me!  But because I’m an absolute fan of The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole, I very well couldn’t pass this one up.  And if there was a chance that I could see more of Aric aka Death, I had to do eeet!  And let me tell you, I’m glad that I did.

It’s not that it’s one long continuous read about a character’s story, it’s multiple stories.  Basically, it tells the story of various characters in this series before the flash; whatever was happening in their lives just before the end came.

I know I’m not alone in this, so I dare you to tell me it’s not worth a read.  Are you never curious about the background story about characters?  Like sure, you meet them in the book, they play a pivotal part in the story line, but you don’t really know the depth of their past!  Day Zero by Kresley Cole does a great job doing just that!  I found myself a little more invested in the characters while leading up to reading the next installment in this series, Aracana Rising, which is out now by the way, AND OMG IT WAS AMAZING! (review to come)

I can’t really give you summary of what Day Zero is actually about (i.e. each of the characters stories).  That would take up too much time, it would be one heck of a review, and really, you just need to check it out for yourself.

Take if from this person who is not a fan of companion novels when I say that if you are a fan of this series, this is one “.5” read that you really want to dive into.


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