April 17, 2016

Review: Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu




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GabbyNewI’ve been dying to read the final installment to Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy for years now. The first two novels in the series, Legend and Prodigy, were breathtaking and amazing. Naturally, Champion was bound to be just as good. Considering the major plot twist that shook the final chapters of Prodigy, I knew that something heartbreaking would probably take place within Champion’s pages and leave me sobbing over Day and June.  And (surprise, surprise) I wasn’t wrong.

              After discovering that he has only months left to live and making a decision that would ultimately put distance between him and the girl he loves, Day has finally been reunited with the only family he has left. With the trials against the people who murdered the loved ones of both Day and June nearing their ends, things might finally be looking up for the Republic. That is, until a plague outbreak ravages the Colonies. Threatening to wage war against the Republic lest they receive a cure for this new plague, the Republic turns once more to Day Wing and, in turn, June Iparis.

              So much goes down in Champion, and I was terrified to progress through the novel simply because I knew that things were bound to go wrong at any given moment. Readers who know the series are aware of how important the relationship between June and Day is, and I’m one of the many readers who has shipped the pairing since day one. Day and June’s relationship is nothing less than a flaming ball of feels that dominates some of Champion’s most jaw-dropping scenes.

              The pacing in Champion is incredibly fast. There is never a dull moment. The stakes are constantly being raised, the odds are constantly being defied. Overall, everything about Champion delivered. I was never bored or left with my mind wandering. Like the novels that came before it, Champion doesn’t disappoint in terms of leaving readers thrilled and on the edge of their seats, dying to receive more from the story.

              There is some major character development that takes place in Champion as well. One of the things that I enjoy most from final installments to a series is the moment in which readers reflect on the character. Who the characters of the Legend trilogy were at the start is very different from who they become in the end. I adore the flawed cast that Lu has introduced her readership to and I am so thankful that (most) of her characters grow in the best ways.

              My only complaint with Champion would be how safe the novel felt up until the end. I felt that, though the stakes were immensely high for the nation and most secondary characters, there was no overwhelming sense of impending doom for June or Day (despite Day’s current circumstances). Nearing the novel’s end, I was beginning to worry that my heart wouldn’t end up broken by some sort of plot twist. And while my heart did indeed end up getting shredded into a million pieces, I do wish that I didn’t have some sense of security while reading.

              I would recommend the Legend trilogy to readers who are looking for a dystopian series that will keep them addicted to the very end. Readers who want a series that is equal parts romance and action should also give it a go. Any readers who are genuinely interested in a series that will hold onto them until long after they finish the final book should also give the Legend trilogy a try.


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