May 20, 2015

Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater



Gabby-2013I’ve been a big fan of author Maggie Stiefvater ever since I read her Wolves of Mercy Falls novels. Her Raven Boys have been characters who have always managed to be trapped in the back of my mind. The storyline that makes up her Raven Cycle novels is one filled with the supernatural and adventure. Blue Lily, Lily Blue takes place exactly where The Dream Thieves left off as Blue and the Raven Boys delve deeper into their pursuit of Glendower.

As a new figure enters Aglionby, it’s made evident to both the Raven Boys and Blue that as a the school year begins again, things will never be the same. With Blue’s mother still missing, it becomes increasingly difficult to track her down while also focusing on the undefined relationship between both she and Gansey. One that could most likely end in Gansey’s death. As Blue and the Raven Boys uncover new information, they begin to question all that they have. Betrayal lurks nearer than they know. And Glendower is closer to them now than ever before.

Right off the bat, what I loved most about Blue Lily, Lily Blue was finally getting to see more Gansey/Blue moments. I’ve shipped these two together ever since reading The Raven Boys. The forbidden flare to their relationship is expanded on and (more importantly) the will they won’t they tension grows. Readers who are big fans of the Blue/Gansey dynamic and who are dying to find out if Gansey will make it out of the series unscathed will die while reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Not to mention there are more Ronan/Adam interactions that left me feeling completely elated. Love those two.

By far, Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the best novel in the series. The entire story is fast-paced and leaves readers wondering what will happen next. More supernatural elements are implemented into the story and the plot most definitely thickens. A new antagonist is thrown into the mix in the form of Greenmantle. However the question behind who the real antagonist of the story is isn’t answered until the novel reaches its climax—and leaves us with an ending that has readers hanging off the edge of their seats. Greenmantle is a force to be reckoned with and his history and interactions with the Grey Man are intriguing beyond all belief.

As always, Stiefvater’s prose in the Raven Cycle novels is heavy with descriptions. In the past novels I found that typically it slowed down the pacing of the novel and left my attention wavering. While there were still instances of that in Blue Lily, Lily Blue I will say that the way that the novel is written has gotten better. It got me invested in the story. It made me emotional. It left me flipping pages desperately to find out what’s happening next to Blue and our Raven Boys.

And that ending! A series of cliff-hangers that are certainly going to keep me waiting for more. I think everyone who has read Blue Lily, Lily Blue can agree that whatever comes next for Blue and the Raven Boys is definitely not going to be good. I feel that the series story is finally unfolding and preparing readers for another epic installment that will blow our expectations away. I would recommend the Raven Cycle novels to readers who are fans of the supernatural, readers who are fans of Stiefvater’s previous novels, and to readers who are looking for a world that you can drown in.


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