December 19, 2011

On A Dark Wing Tour Stop:Quote Battle

Welcome to one of the first stops for the ON A DARK WING by Jordan Dane Blog Tour hosted by
YA BOUND which runs from December 19 and ends January 2, followed by a live chat with Jordan Dane on January 5 at 7:00 PM EDT to announce the winners of the giveaways.
Today I’ve put together a little Quote battle between:
Death vs. Tanner
Round 1:


“This isn’t a game, Abby.  Your feelings are important to me.”
“It’s a good thing I’m secure with my manhood or else I’d be a little uncomfortable with your courtship ritual.”
 Round 2:
“I’m not curious about the dead.  It’s the living I want to know more about.  I want to know about you.  The depth of human emotion is complicated and extraordinary.  It fascinates me.”
I’ll admit I’m gay if you can defininitely refute that you’re not a direct descendant of Sasquatch.  You’ve got three minutes.  Starting…now.”
Round 3:
“…Because even if you don’t understand what I’m telling you now, I want you to really listen and remember what I said, without filtering my words through…your anger.  Believe me when I say that I thought I’d have a chance to make – to do the right thing – but I’m afraid it’s not up to me anymore”
“When I find you, Abby, please don’t make me feel like more of a jerk wad than I already do.”
Round 4:
“You may not want to see me again…but if you do, I’ll be here.”
“I may not know why you’re doing this, but I’m your friend.  If you ever need someone to bail you out of jail and not post your booking photos on the internet, I’d be that guy.”
Final Round:
“Dying.  The word is almost…beautiful, isn’t it?  It sounds very much like it is – that one final breath.”
“Can we…do that again sometime?  I mean, when I’m actually ready, because I…could do better”.
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  1. Trisha Wolfe

    Awesome battle!! I LOVED when Tanner said that to Abbey (the last quote from him)My stomach got all fluttery ;) Thanks!

  2. Jordan Dane

    Ha! Great battle. What extremes!! I love Tanner. He's such a “guy.” The contrast between these two is even more amazing posted like this–an ancient soul pitted against Tanner's humanity & humor. Good job and thanks for the chuckle.

    Happy holidays! And thanks for hosting a tour stop & for encouraging reading through your great blog.

    Jordan Dane

  3. T.B.

    Great quote battle! It was so interesting to get to see their contrasting personalities through their quotes. I'd have to say that Tanner won this one ;)

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