August 3, 2013

Mini Review of This I Promise by Shaylynn Wilbon


When Rose accidentally frees Seth from a room on the third floor of her house, and he starts throwing what appears to be fire at her, she is thrust into a world of magic and wonder. However, she learns that her whole life-who her parents are and who she is, or rather, what she is-has been a lie. Rose discovers that she is a Fire Populous, one of four kinds of Populous. The other three are Water, Earth and Air Populous, and they all live on different islands. The Populous stay on their islands and never leave for fear of being killed by the Demons. When Rose is later betrayed by her parents and saved by Seth, she begins to question everything. Who are her friends? Who are her enemies? Is there anyone she can trust? Everything is already such a mess, but when Rose is told of the dark magic being used to gain control over all of the Populous and create a massive war between them, everything becomes so much worse. Now Rose must discover the people behind this, what their end game is and how to stop them before the Populous wipe each other out, one by one.

add to goodreadsThis I Promise by Shaylynn Wilbon
Publication Date:  December 26, 2012
Publisher: Authorhouse

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Gabby NewThis I Promise by Shaylynn Wilbon has an eye-catching cover, original plot and concept and a world within our own that is completely unique. It tells the story of main character Rose who releases a boy named Seth from a room in her parent’s home and after Seth creates fire out of nothing, Rose discovers she’s a member of the Fire Populous. As Rose begins to understand what it means to be of the Fire Populous she learns that there is another world within ours, one full of magic and mystery. She learns that there are four types of Populous: Earth, Air, Fire and Water Populous who all live on separate islands and fear leaving because of the Demons.

After accidentally releasing Seth, Rose’s parents both take her to the Fire Populous Island where she learns to use her populous abilities. However after her parents betray her, Rose finds herself on the run with Seth as she learns about the dark plot set in place against the Populous. Rose and Seth begin to work together to keep the Populous from tearing each other apart while avoiding the Populous who are hunting them both down. As they embark on their mission, Rose and Seth must also fight against the strong sense of attraction between the two.

This I Promise is a very quick read. It had a strong start and an excellent ending that shocked me. With it being such a short read the plot did move along fairly quickly. I enjoyed that because for the most part it kept the storyline refreshing and easy to read. However I admit that I personally had issues getting into this read. At times the dialogue would be very vague in terms of detail and in other circumstances the detailing would be too overwhelming and unnecessary and made my mind wander elsewhere. As for the characters I felt that their reactions and the way they would handle situations were unrealistic.

I really liked the idea of there being islands with inhabitants that could control certain elements and bend them to their will or conjure things like fire out of thin air (totally gave it an Avatar: The Last Airbender feel). What I enjoyed about Rose’s getting to go to the Fire Populous Island was her getting to reveal how the Populous go through school, learn how to control their powers and what their lives are like. Then Rose learns about the evil plan set in place to turn the Populous against each other and has to stop it before the Populous are wiped out—very exciting.

 I would recommend This I Promise to readers who want to try something new, want a unique read and readers who are looking for a novel they can finish in one sitting.

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