November 16, 2014

INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair Friday Event Recap


Thank you to Inspire!, Knot PR, and Tourism Toronto for making this possible!

Check out our first day and a half HERE!


After the Book Shop Tour of Toronto, it was time to officially check out the Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair.  Coming up the elevators at the  Metro Toronto Convention Centre, you can’t miss the huge Inspire! welcome sign for an opportune photo op (see above pic of Gabby).  Above you, there was a cool letter waterfall set up as well.


Displayed when you walk in were three old school printers, which were pretty interesting!


The exhibit looked pretty amazing at a glance.  You can see the booths and displays of various publishers ranging from self-pub to indie to the big houses.  There was so much to see and so many books to browse at that we couldn’t help but get that giddy moment when you step into a book store.  On top of that, there are various different authors appearances and signings to keep you busy.  What me and Gabby were looking forward to on day 1 was the I Don’t Give A Damsel panel which included appearances by Gayle Forman, E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, and Meg Wolitzer!


These ladies were funny and the discussions were full of passion.  A couple of the topics that they touched base on were things like the banning of the word FEMINIST and woman/characters being likeable/unlikeable.  They also opened up the floor to questions where they answered things like favorite books, diverse books, and YA deserving more respect.  It was a great panel to watch, and you can’t help but be a little starstruck, because, ya know…authors are our ROCKSTARS!  After the panel discussion, the public was able to get their books signed by the authors.  Of course, me and Gabby were all up in that!


We wandered the floor after that and visited many booths, including the Entangled Pub. booth.  It was nice to see them there as we here at Chapter by Chapter are huge fans of many of their titles!  Before long, it was time for me and Gabby to split up.  I wanted to stand in line for the Anne Rice signing at the Penguin RandomHouse booth, and Gabby wanted to check out the Prepare to be Thrilled panel with authors Kelley Armstrong, Nick Cutter, Maureen Jennings, Andrew Pyper, and Peter Robinson.


They discussed topics such as:

– What brought you to write the stories you do?
– Do you outline (suspense scenes, plot points, etc)
– Is pitching a part of the relationship between writer and the editor
– Does the business portion of writing deter you/make you write things you don’t want
– Discipline or write when inspired
– Research process
– Diversity
– How do you go about connecting with your characters

And while that was going on, while in line for the Anne Rice signing, I got some nifty vampire teeth, and chit chatted with fellow book lovers who were extremely excited to meet her.


Stay tuned for our Event Recap for Saturday!

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