February 4, 2013

Gabby is on the cover of…

You heard right friends!
Chapter by Chapter’s very own GABBY is on a book cover
for the mass market paperback publication by

by Simon & Schuster UK.

She has graced the cover with so many other faces that it’s kinda fun to 
play “Where is Gabby?”!

Here is the picture of Gabby that was used:


Which ended up being used like this:


Which then turned out to be this!


In a future where children are segregated into institutions that range from comfortable “Learning Communities” to prison-like “Local Academies”, seventeen-year-old Jackson is an academic high flyer, living in a top Learning Community and destined for a position in the Leadership. But when he is sent with his best friend Wilson to deliver a package to a factory block, the two boys are attacked, leaving Jackson badly beaten and Wilson dead.

Confused and upset, Jackson returns to his Learning Community only to be dismissed by his teachers who claim not to know him. Sent to an Academy, an institute set up to train factory workers, Jackson finds himself immersed in a world that couldn’t be further removed than the comfortable life he’s used to; a harsh, violent, semi-articulate society where the students have created their own hierarchy based on fighting ability.

Using his wits to survive, Jackson starts to realise that his whole life has been based on half-truths. And in order to survive he needs to expose the lies that surround the Academy and find out the truth about who he really is. As he builds alliances and begins to educate those closest to him, a plan for rebellion and escape gradually comes into shape…

Fast-paced, page-turning, moving, yet with a streak of dark humour, The Disappeared is a very British dystopia, with shades of Orwell and Huxley.

add to goodreadsThe Disappeared by C.J. Harper
Mass Market Paperback
Published January 31st 2013 by Simon & Schuster UK

Isn’t that exciting!

We are just anxiously waiting for our copy to arrive in the mail!



  1. HollyB

    That is so cool!!!!! What a proud mama you must be!! Aww, that’s something both of you will treasure forever! Not to mention, the book sounds really good! That makes it even better :)

  2. Thanks Holly! I am a pretty proud mama :)

  3. Bree

    That’s totally awesome! :) Also, this book sounds REALLY good, I’m going to check it out!

  4. This book does sound pretty good!

  5. kimbacaffeinate

    Woot! Woot! That is so cool Gabby :)

  6. Thank you! – Gabby

  7. Silvia

    So cool!!!!

  8. Totally!

  9. Leah

    Awesome! :) The book seems interesting too. :)

  10. It sounds like it’s going to be a really cool read!

  11. Ashley

    Wow this is AWESOME! And that book cover is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love it! This is so exciting. :)

  12. It’s a really cool concept for a cover!

  13. SweetMarie83

    That is so cool – how exciting! :-D

  14. So exciting!

  15. Cindi Clubbs

    How exciting!! I see your pic on your blog when I do the blog book hops. You are a very photogenic young woman. Congrats:))

  16. Awww thank you so much Cindi =) – Gabby

  17. Sugar & Snark

    That is awesome!

  18. So awesome!

  19. omg so proud! <3

  20. Sophia Rose

    Adding my voice to the others- awesomeness!

  21. Wow! That is so amazing, congrats :)

  22. That’s awesome… :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  23. Melissa

    How awesome!!! And it sounds like a great book too!

  24. Amy @ Book Loving Mom

    That’s so awesome!! And what a cool cover!!

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