December 9, 2011

Follow My Book Blog #9

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This week’s question:
 Keeping with the Spirit of Giving this season, what book do you think EVERYONE should read and if you could, you would buy it for all of your family and friends?
Definitely, the Hunger Games trilogy.  First – because there is going to be an EPIC movie adaptation.  Second – There were so many different emotions that went through me when reading each book.  Third – Suzanne Collins’ writing style is unforgettable.
We would definitely buy these books and give them to every member of our family, and buy even more copies to distribute to random strangers.  That’s how much we looooove this trilogy.
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  1. Sarah (saz101)

    Oh, YES! ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! The Hunger Games are AMAZING, and everyone who loves to read should read these. Romance, danger, intrigue, what else do you need?

  2. Laura

    I loved the Hunger Games series also. I'm a new follower.

  3. Alison Can Read

    Hopping through. Totally agree with you about the Hunger Games. It's a great book and people should read it before seeing the movie.
    My Hop

  4. A great choice! I loved this series.

    My FF,

    Have a wonderful weekend x Sharon

  5. Pepa

    Great post! Thanks for stopping by. Following you :)

    -Pepa @ Anonymous Reads

  6. Cassy

    This was my choice also!


    Cassy @ Late Night Reads

  7. FABR Steph

    Amazing gift choice. New follower via FF.
    My Follow Friday

  8. Tia

    I agree this is definitely a great series! New follower!

    My Follow Friday!

  9. aparajita

    yup def. excited for the THG film.

    New Follower
    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

  10. Tribute Books Mama
  11. Howard Sherman

    I promised a couple of fellow book bloggers I wouldn’t “machine gun” my Follow Friday posts on the blogs I visit but this week’s Follow Friday has inspired me to make an important exception.

    The book I think everyone should read is a work of non-fiction called The Four Hour Workweek. The thing is, the book is very well written and entertaining so it reads like a work of fiction. What the book can do to enhance your life and change the way you live day by day seems unbelievable on its face which might mark it a legitimate work of fiction for the skeptics out there.

    If you read this work of non-fiction and really follow the advice it gives and apply the insights you’ll gain, your life will read like a modern tale fairytale.

    I encourage, implore and even insist you follow me back to my book blog so you can find out why I think EVERYONE should read The Four Hour Workweek –


    Howard Sherman

  12. Amber Elise

    I'm a bad reader…I still haven't read this series! ): I must before the movie comes out though!

    New follower!

    Du Livre

  13. Burgandy Ice

    OH, yea… Hunger Games are such a great choice. I'm an old follower hopping thru on FF!! :-) Have a GREAT weekend!

  14. Nina

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Nina

    Great choice, The Hunger Games is definitely a must read!:)

    New follower from FF:)
    Nina @ Lost in the Pages

  16. Tarah Dunn

    Love the Fever countdown button! I found you via Feature & Follow Friday. I'm now following you, and I'd love it if you could do the same!

    Tarah Dunn

  17. Shortskie

    I enjoyed The Hunger Games, haven't read the other two yet. Good pick!

    New Follower

    Shortskie's Friday Hops

  18. Marie Francis

    I'm reading The Hunger Games right now and can't wait for the movie, I hope it's true to the book as best as Hollywood can make it.

    Marie @

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