September 12, 2012

ENTICE Me Day: Meet Phoenix – The Sexy Bad Boy from the EMBRACE series by Jessica Shirvington – With G1veaway

Welcome back you guys!

As we count down the days to the official ENTICE ME DAY on Sept. 15/12, various blogs have been selected as a member of the official
Each blog is designated a character(s) from ENTICE by Jessica Shirvington, and we basically celebrate him/her/them for the day!

I know right! 

Today, we cheer on a bad boy you couldn’t help but fall for in EMBRACE!

Today, we get to find out more about PHOENIX!
*throws confetti and makes swoony eyes*

 “Not everything is black and white, Violet. Don’t believe everything you’ve been told.”Phoenix

He’s intense, sexy and otherworldly.  Full of secrets, Phoenix is all gray in a world of dark and light. As an exile, he is not to be trusted, but Phoenix always seems to be there to protect Violet when she needs it most.  Together, they shared one intense moment of passion.  Now, when the electricity between Violet and Phoenix ignites, she discovers his hold over her has become more dangerous than ever.

Sitting in Sydney’s glamorous Water Bar, Jessica reveals some enticing secrets about everyone’s favorite bad boy!

Still want to know more about Phoenix?  Ask and you shall receive!


Looks approximately 20 years


Almost black hair with undertones of purple and steaks of sliver – remarkably like the colors of a rough cut opal. Chocolate brown eyes. Normal height.

Current status:
Full time Exiled angel.

Current relationship status:
Single, though heart may be claimed.

Fitness level:
Supernaturally and extremely good.

Favorite pastime:
Eating extreme foods and enjoying himself any way possible.

Place of residence:

Unknown but unlikely.

Future plans:
Have just changed.

Supernatural status:
EXILE – from the rank of Thrones.

Strengths known to date:
Speed, empath, illusion.

 You can check out this bio in all it’s glory at the official EMBRACE site HERE!

Still want more?  You can go ahead and take a fun “favorite quote” quiz right here!

You can check out our review of EMBRACE here and ENTICE here!

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The ENTICE trailer premieres on the official ENTICE ME DAY on September 15/12!  Throughout the day, get a sneak peek by reading early chapter releases, deleted scenes, win copies of ENTICE, and see a special live appearance by author Jessica Shirvington!  You can check that all our HERE!

Itching to meet Jessica!  Check here tour schedule here and see if she’s coming to a city near you!!

Still in need of more?  Okay then my pretties…how about a giveaway!  *happy dance*

Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win:

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Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Go #TeamPhoenix – super sexy bad boy *RAWR*

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  1. Heather Cranmer

    I think it’s how they seem to be unafraid of anything =) x

  2. cody

    There are a million things that make bad boys so sexy but really it’s the element of danger, of the unknown, the thrill is half their charm. LMAO

  3. Christina K.

    The fact that you hope you can turn him into this guy who’s only good and perfect with you;)

    Thank you:)

  4. Lona Stringer

    Tattoo’s definetly scream badboy to me. Thx for giveaway, great cover.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  5. Suzy Turner

    Its when they come across as a bad boy but underneath they’ve got a heart of gold… that’s what is truly sexy in a ‘bad boy’. That and the fact that they’re usually ripped :)

  6. Chapter by Chapter

    Haha true!! They always seem to be ripped! *rawr*

  7. Denice Mae

    His bad attitude and they don’t care what people will say… Or they are willing to fight for their idea… There are many things that will make them sexy…

  8. Tanya Maxemow

    For me it’s the fact that they fight authority, which is usually corrupt anyway. Tattoos and a little leather always help too!!

  9. Julie R

    Just his potential for being dangerous and the bad boy attitude.

  10. Adriane

    There is just something about someone you know you shouldn’t be with. That forbidden fruit.

  11. Gaby

    For me his confidence, that gives them the cockiness or the sense of being masters of their own world, and that’s sexy.

  12. Lindy Gomez

    Many things make a bad boy sexy. The top 3 reasons I find a bad boy sexy is the confidence that they carry themselves with, how they go against society’s expectations, and how they’ll change when they meet the love of their lives. Every girl is hoping that they will be the bad boy’s love of his life!

    Lindy Gomez

  13. Maegan Morin

    I know that this is reading but for me the sexiest thing is the mischevious glint in their eyes :D

  14. Artemis

    I guess because they have the whole cool “don’t care” attitude and they usually tend to be really confident and that makes them really hot.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Evie

    But only if the bad boy is sarcastic/fun too.
    Thanks a lot for this great giveaway!

  16. Christina T

    The sense of humor, at times it may come out at the most inappropriate time but sometimes you need a laugh to better focus and relax and not to mention they are always drop dead gorgeous!! XD

  17. It’s the danger! You know you shouldn’t want to like them, but you do! It’s taboo!

  18. Kelly

    They act macho but something is off! They can be sweet when alone.

  19. Rebecca Hipworth

    It’s just an attraction to danger, I guess. ;)

  20. Amanda T

    I personally don’t really like the bad boys…
    I guess the sarcasm would be their best quality though.

  21. Zara Alexis

    Natural sex appeal…and that naughtiness you can’t find in a “good boy.” :D

  22. Gabbie

    The mischievousness(:

  23. Grace Lo

    You mean other than that pure badass-ness? They’re absolutely forbidden. And just so wrong it’s right.

  24. I like the fact that they do what they want, when they want. And they don’t care what anyone else thinks. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  25. A bad boy is super sexy just because they do whatever they want and don’t even think about the consquences. Did I mention by just being bad, it makes them absolutely sexy? :D

  26. Gaby

    I think it’s just there whole bad boyness and there good looks ;D

  27. Carl

    Ha! You’ll have to ask all those girls who were wild about me…maybe 20 years ago. :^)

  28. Chapter by Chapter

    LMAO Love this!

  29. JennH

    Umm… EVERYTHING!!! ;D

  30. Riz Bulatao

    His confidence, his witty comebacks and the soft heart he’s trying to suppress. Overall DANG SEXY! :)

  31. Ellouise Liston

    i, for one, like a cocky, smart arse bad boy. Their annoying but so damned irresistible

  32. Imel Cullen

    bad boy usually have a proportionate body and intimidating nature and he’s protects against the girl he loves… that’s why badboy damn sexy :D

  33. alicia marie

    he’s not afraid to share his opinions and stand by what he believes in even if that means he has to cross over the so called line. plus they always seem to have that look in their eyes that you really can’t look away from : )

  34. Wendy R

    A bad boy is sexy because he is usually confident and strong, in my opinion. The attraction is just magnetic.

  35. Jan Bethel

    The aura for danger and adventure. And oh! Definitely the black clothing (if he wears black) and the leather jacket (if he also wears that). At least my picture of a bad boy is one who wears black and leather jackets and has a motorbike! ;)

  36. Danielle Smiley

    I’m not sure, but I’m always rooting for the bad boy when there’s a love triangle! And, yes, my husband of 17 years was a bad boy, too ;)

  37. Alina

    I think the idea that he’ll be perfect for you, but still remain the same… and let’s face it, the idea that you can be bad with him and not be judged is great :D

  38. Samantha S

    His sense of adventure!

  39. Heather K.

    They usually have more confidence and a sense of power and mystery about them.

  40. Leigh

    Guys who can dance.

  41. Carmen B.

    The allure of danger, beauty, sexiness, and the forbidden mixed with the glimpses that show that maybe he’s not all bad? I’d be hard pressed to really know… I guess it all comes down to amazing charisma ;)

  42. Michelle L. Lynn

    I think its more that deep down, they are not really bad, usually, but confidence is one thing too

  43. Laurel Klem

    Good looking, strong and confident. Mmmm good!!

  44. Erika

    Everything! It is so hard to tell but I’m sure it has to do with the confidence and lack of concern for authority.

  45. Jaime Lester

    Now, at the ripe old age of 30, I don’t find bad boys nearly as appealing as I did when I was a teenager, or even into my twenties.I don’t really know why they are so sexy. Maybe the thrill they offer? The chase? I don’t know, but they can be sexy.

  46. Nuzaifa

    Everything!but mostly their sense of humor and sarcasm. :D

  47. Dannielle

    The mysteriousness. I like the sexiness, manly and confidence. Thanks for the chance to win

  48. Maureen

    Women want to be the one who change his ways.

  49. Sara T

    What makes a bad boy sexy is that they are dark and mysterious and you want to find out what secrets they have.

  50. Jolene A

    Dangerous, and untamable is super sexy :)

  51. Stephanie T.

    The fact that they’re mysterious is one thing. Maybe because they’re wild and dangerous also.

  52. Nicole Torres

    The bad boy attitude just seems to catch your attention. Even though it may get on your nerves, it’s intriguing and an attitude that seems to be hiding something underneath it. You get a sense that there’s a reason behind that attitude, and you can’t help but want to figure it out. You want to get beneath all that and see who they truly are. Besides the bad bot attitude is just very sexy all on its own! I think that’s why girls are mainly always attracted to that. Opposites attract, as people so put it :)

  53. Rima

    As everyone has said, it’s the confidence and lack of concern for authority. I also love a guy who is snarky and sarcastic and is always said to be “smirking” haha. :P

  54. Lilian S

    usually because they have macho body and tato

  55. Atmika

    I like it when they appear bad but in reality are all sweet and vulnerable. I find that sexy!

  56. Lisa Vazquezanzua

    I think its the confidence they and for me a like that. I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t. Also for me I think they take care of how they look. (ex. clothes, shoes, hair, etc.)

  57. Martina Koleva

    I think it’s the way they carry themselves. They have a certain way to deceive people because most of the bad boys are actually pretty sweet and just look bad.. I don’t know. I really don’t care why… Thanks for the great giveaway and for making it international!

  58. nurmawati djuhawan

    they are cool and dangerous ;p

  59. There’s just too many factors. But maybe just because we know they’re not good anf that we should stay away, but something just draws us to them.

  60. Anubha

    I don’t know… maybe their cold attitude, there affinity to dangerous adventures… :)

  61. Tiffani

    What makes a bad boy sexy is that you never really know what there thinking or what there going to do next.

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