February 9, 2014

Cover Reveal & Title Contest Sign Up: Book 2 in Heather L. Reid’s Pretty Dark Nothing Series


We are organizing a fun cover reveal and title contest for Book 2 in Heather L. Reid’s Pretty Dark Nothing Series presented by Month9Books.  This title will be releasing in the fall and Month9Books has put together a fantastic contest where readers will vote on the title for the second book in this series.

The Cover Reveal will take place on February 28, 2014 and does not have to be the top post of the day.

We would be thrilled if you are able to find some space for this amazing author, and upcoming Month9Books title!

All posting information, including the official blurb and title contest details, will be provided a couple of days before the cover reveal date.



It’s been five weeks, two days, and eight hours since the demons forced Quinn to throw herself into the raging river, since Aaron sacrificed himself to save her, since he disappeared without a trace. No body, no sign of him at all. Everyone wants her to move on, but Quinn can’t. She’s convinced Aaron’s trying to contact her, but Azrael, her angel Sentinel, insists these visions are nothing more than the demons preying on her guilt, bent on distracting her from her true destiny as the reincarnation of Eve.

With Aaron’s fate forever entwined with Quinn’s true Sentinel, Kaemon, they both find themselves prisoner of the underworld. For Aaron, death in the river would have been easier than ending up in Lilith’s dungeons.


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