April 24, 2018

Cover Reveal: Superheroes Suck by Jamie Zakian with Giveaway



Hello Readers! Welcome to the Cover Reveal for

Superheroes Suck by Jamie Zakian

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Welcome to Gemini City, where super-battles disrupt rush hour, insurance claim adjusters rival rock stars, and villains stash the souls of murdered superheroes inside little children.

It’s been ten years since Shay Sinclair’s parents were murdered by a super villain, leaving she and her sister to fend for themselves. Now at age sixteen, Shay has something that villain wants. Something he needs. After a chance encounter with a superhero in a stairwell, something awakens in Shay, something that could get her killed.

Max Steel has spent the last ten years searching for one particular soul. Now, a coincidental run-in with Shay Sinclair leaves Max closer than he’s ever been to everything he’s ever wanted. But Max hits a brick wall when he goes after her. Unlike other girls her age, Shay isn’t into superheroes. So, if Max wants to win her over and be reunited with the soul inside her, he must get creative. He invites Shay into a seductive world of fame, glamour, luxury, and epic battles with villainous foes.

Now that Shay’s in the mix with superheroes and crazed villains, everyone wants a piece of her. A super villain wants to devour her soul, a superhero wants to love her, and Shay just wants to go back to her normal life. It’s not like in the movies. In real life, superheroes suck.

Superheroes Suck by Jamie Zakian
Release Date: June 26, 2018
Publisher: Month9Books

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Jamie Zakian is a full-time writer who consumes the written word as equally as oxygen. Living in South Jersey with her husband and rowdy family, she enjoys farming, archery, and blazing new trails on her 4wd quad, when not writing of course. She aspires to one day write at least one novel in every genre of fiction.


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  1. Gwendolyn Jordan

    Nice cover

  2. Judy Thomas

    The cover is quite cool!

  3. Haley Scully

    I really like the cover! The colors are bright and stand out, and the design itself looks pretty cool.

  4. Janet W.

    I think the cover definitely fits with the title! Looks great!

  5. Cindy Merrill

    There’s a vague insinuation that this girl girl inherits some form of super powers- would make since, if so.

  6. Linda Romer

    I think it adds mystery! Thank you

  7. Patricia Colletti

    The cover is really eye catching

  8. Orna Soref

    like it

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