February 27, 2018

Cover Reveal: At Woods Edge by E.M Fitch with Giveaway


Hello Readers!  Welcome to the Cover Reveal for

At Woods Edge by E.M. Fitch

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It’s only a matter of time before he gets what he’s come for.

Cassie Harris has turned her back on best friend Laney Blake. She had no other choice. Laney is one of them now, a creature of the trees. As Cassie’s senior year wears on, the woods grow quiet, snow blankets the ground, and the murderous beings who once taunted her have drifted away like the brittle leaves of Fall. Though the woods no longer stir with rushed whispers and wind-blown laughter, the fear remains.

No one understands this fear better than Cassie. She wishes she could tell them not to worry. After all, the shape-shifting men of the trees and the women who travel with them, seeking out girls to abduct from carnivals, are gone. And the one that stayed behind? He isn’t interested in anyone but her.

Now, Aidan’s interest in Cassie is a chilling reminder of the what lurks at woods edge. He stalks her home, her school, her bedroom. He won’t stop until he can find a way to lure Cassie into the forest to become one with him forever.

At Woods Edge (Of the Trees #2)
Author: E.M. Fitch
Release Date: March 27, 2018

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E. M. Fitch is an author who loves scary stories, chocolate, and tall trees. Her latest novel, OF THE TREES, is a Young Adult horror/fantasy inspired by haunted cemeteries and the darker musings of W.B. Yeats. Its sequel, AT WOODS EDGE, will be released in the coming year from Month9Books. She is the author of the Young Adult zombie trilogy: THE BREAK FREE SERIES. Her story, BETWEEN SHADOWS, was recently featured in the Fragments of Darkness anthology; and her new collection of short stories entitled THE VEIL: GHOSTS, GOBLINS, GHOULS is coming soon! She has been published in Pulp Metal Magazine, Under the Bed Magazine, and her short stories RELEASE and THE CREEP were featured respectively in CHBB’s Lurking in the Shadows and Lurking in the Mind anthologies. When not dreaming up new ways to torture characters, she is usually corralling her four children, or thinking of ways to tire them out so she can get an hour of peace at night.

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  1. Bonnie Hilligoss

    I love everything about the cover! The guy, the girl, the tree…..

  2. Lisa Brown

    I enjoyed getting to know your book; the cover is great; congrats on the tour and I hope it is a fun one for you :)

  3. James Robert

    Cover is terrific, eye catching and I appreciate the book description and giveaway also.

  4. Lacey Waters

    I like the cover. Something about her eyes draw me in.

  5. Janet W.

    I think the cover is eye-grabbing! I love her eyes!

  6. Linda Romer

    I love the cover and I’m looking forward to reading these books. Thank you

  7. Summer

    I love the way the tree is worked into the font and the pink color behind it, the pink, and the reddish color of her hair also really draw the eye.

  8. Bridgett Wilbur

    I love your cover and I would love to read your book.

  9. Amy Woolard

    I really like the cover! What I have read so far has been very interesting!!

  10. Samantha Kurtz

    Love the cover! It’s super intriguing!

  11. Ann

    I think that the cover is fantastic, especially when considered with the tagline: “It’s only a matter of time before he gets what he’s come for.” I feel like there’s a theme or sensation of a slow fire creeping just around the corner. From the fiery and ashen colors (even in her hair, and his clothing) to the look in her eyes, I think the cover does a great job of pairing with the synopsis.

  12. Lindsay A.

    I love the cover & the gold font! Thank you for giving me the chance to learn a bit about this book! :D

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