February 19, 2012

Character Challenge: Tamsin vs. Mary – Most Self Sacrificial Female Character

Hey guys, this week we are gonna be doing something a little bit different. Sadly there won’t be a crazy and epic battle, instead we’ll be seeing something a bit more… well non-violent. Most of the time I’ll find myself thinking of differences between characters and what makes them stronger than the other, let’s just forget that when I do think of these I’m usually doing something that requires concentration *face palm*.

So this week we will be checking out Tamsin Greene  from Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough and Mary from Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan to find out which of these two female characters are more self sacrificing to stop problems from happening. Meaning I want to see: What sacrifices did they make for others/ what did they face and who they are. Yes those will be the things we are facing. All for the title of: Self Sacrificial Female Character.

P.S. I do know that they come from entirely different worlds.
First thing’s first, let’s meet our characters (if you haven’t read the novels they are from and worth marks)
Tamsin Greene
Tamsin was born to a family of witches. You heard me right. Witches. Tamsin’s Grandmother prophecized that Tamsin would be a and I quote “beacon for all of us”. That all sounds pretty cool, until you get to the part where Tamsin has no powers whatsoever. Her family viewed her as a disgrace and as evidence that sometimes the most powerful and wisest witches can sometimes be wrong. But then one night Tamsin took up a task meant for her sister Rowena and ended up traveling back to the past. After that Tamsin found herself defending not only her family, but having to take on Alistair Knight who was intent on the destruction of her family.
Mary was born in a village in the middle of a forest… after the world came to an end. Now I know that some of you are thinking that it can’t be that bad, living in a forest, in a village, after the world ends. But it is that bad. The only thing separating Mary’s village from the zombies, or unconsecrated as she likes to call them, is a few chain link fences. Mary’s mother ended up being bitten by a zombie and that was the beginning of everything bad. Soon after that Mary ended up having to marry a boy she didn’t love and then  the zombies managed to break through the fences and begin killing everybody in Mary’s village. She ended up on a trek to find the ocean where Mary believed that everything would be all gumdrops and unicorns!! Of course a few people in her small hitch hiking group died along the way…
How did they manage to survive all of that stuff?I know that I couldn’t. Anyways, I like to think that as for their stories in general (how they came to be, childhood, everything above, etc) that the person with the more… enticing past would be Mary.
Second thing’s second (?), let’s see what they had to face and sacrifice (Worth marks):

Tamsin Greene
-She had to face her family’s dark history.
-She had to travel through time (and space?).
-She had to find a clock.
-She thought she had no Talents, only to learn that she could absorb people’s Talents (when used on her thrice).
-She had to become a servant in the Knight family’s house (took place in Always A Witch)
-She had to warn her family in the past.
-Risked unraveling the future.
-Killed herself to save everybody.
-Lost her Talents.
-Then she came back from death.
-She had to live in fear.
-She had to watch her mother turn into a monster.
-She had to kill zombies… a lot.
-She had to kill the love of her life when he became a zombie.
-Went to Gabrielle’s city (OMG THAT’S MY NAME!!!) only to find it inhabited by zombies.
-She killed a baby zombie.
-She found a city near the ocean after losing her hitch hiking group :(
-She had a child named… Gabrielle.
So since this was worth marks I think that the more self sacrificing character and the character who had to face more trouble/conflict is Tamsin Greene.Enjoy being the victor of this category. If it helps Mary you ended up having a kid named Gabrielle which coincidentally gives us the same names of the mother daughter team here at Chapter by Chapter. (Hi mom!!! *waves*).
Now we get to see who is going to win the title of  Most Sacrificial Female Character.Yay!!
The Scenario:


Let’s just say that these two girls met up somewhere, where they both had to be heroes and save a little girl who was about to be attacked by wolves (or zombies if you’d like, wolves seemed more realistic). It’s a nice day in the afternoon when Tamsin, who was on a nice picnic with her family, and Mary, who was trying to get away from a zombie horde like always, begin to hear screaming. At the top of a cliff to their left they see a little girl, nearing the edge with the wolves fast approaching. Mary sprints to the top of the cliff and attempts to lure the wolves away from the girl. Tamsin has to chase right after Mary, if she had her Talent she might be able to get somebody in her family let her steal their Talent, but she’s human! Oh no!

Tamsin ends up trying to lure all of the wolves off of the little girl but instead ends up luring half of the wolves away from the kid. Gabriel ends up finding her (since she was on a picnic with her family) and ends up saving her from the wolves sharp canines. Mary on the other hand grabs a thick branch and begins whacking the other wolves left over until they run off in fear. The ground beneath the kid begins to shake, the bit of the cliff is going to fall off very soon. There’s only two things left to do, either let the kid fall and run away or she can save the kid but fall at the same time (in true movie sense). Mary grabs the kids arm, tosses her from the breaking piece of ground and ends up falling with the cliff piece and into the ocean.

Luckily for Mary, she ends up being swept ashore and back to the village near the ocean.

So as you can see, Mary took the falling cliff for the little kid. While Tamsin did put in a good bit of effort and even tried to get ALL of the wolves to chase her things just didn’t work out in her favor. And falling to you (almost) death and into the ocean to save the life of another seems way more self sacrificing And so our winner this week is: Mary.

Our words of advice to her are to not get big headed with this title and to not get eaten by any zombies (because those things are apparently everywhere).

Agree? Disagree? Leave comments…let us know what should change,
what was missed!
This is purely just my opinion :)
If you have any suggestions for future CC’s (Character Challenge) let us know!
Stay tuned for next line up.
– Gabby

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