November 28, 2011

Character Challenge: Neferet vs. Bellatrix Lestrange: Most Powerful Lady Villan

I’ve always been curious about what would happen if two of the most vicious female character’s in YA, Neferet from House of Night and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, had met up and gotten into a battle. What would happen? Who would win? Who would die? How many more questions am I going to put in this sentence? Well let’s find out. Just like last time I’m not basing this off of events that occurred in their book series, I’m delving deep into the world of research where we will see what exactly lead them to being so evil, their skills/ abilities, what their favorite colors are, etc. Just so that we can find out who would win the title of Most Powerful Lady Villain.

The Situation:

 Alright let’s just picture the situation and say that Neferet was in England, looking to kill Voldemort as a sacrifice to the White Bull, we all know that Bellatrix would be at his side and would get right into her fight mode, ready to attack the person who threatens her master. Here’s where everything we’ve researched comes in: Bellatrix would have the first move, she would probably start with the Cruciatus Curse and when it misses, since Neferet would easily dodge it, Neferet would throw her own magic into the mix, using darkness as her main weapon while using the magic that vamps havefreeze frame!  Let’s analyze…

 Let’s see what we know about our two lovely and creepy ladies.
Before she was marked (say what?) , Neferet had been a young girl mourning the death of her mother (oh no) and straight after her Father began to abuse her (oh no x2). After suffering through all of that Neferet was marked and began to worship Nyx (for those of you who don’t know, Nyx is the vampyre goddess of night), like most fledglings and vampyres, only Neferet believed that Nyx had saved her from her very mean Daddy. But here’s where things goes absolutely wrong and we understand why Neferet is so insane, after her Father’s years of abuse she, Neferet, began to believe that every human was the same as her father; Mean. Cruel. Heartless. After that Neferet had a taste for revenge and who better to take it out on than on the human race (Yay us!). She’s a high priestess, a professor and Queen Tsi Sgili…
Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange was born to a pure- blood family who raised her as their prize daughter. She had two siblings, cut off communication with one of them and went to serve the Dark Lord (Hey, Voldemort. I know your reading this ;) Bellatrix later married a pure- blood man but never showed any affection for him and believed that Lord Voldemort was her true love. Which lead up to why she’s so skilled in the dark arts, he taught her everything she knew (and is it just me or does anybody else find it tragic that she’s in love with a man who will never love her back?) After Voldemort’s fall during the first wizarding war, she was put in Azkaban (the high security magic insane asylum) and unlike most Death Eaters she didn’t lie about her allegiance to Voldemort and waited for his return…

Now that we see where both of these girls got their mean streaks from (one of them is mental the other is madly in love and mental)
let’s see what they could kill you with! It’s worth points too so… don’t screw up.
Bellatrix Lestrange
Neferet has so many abilities so many evil allies and so horrible that it’s not even funny anymore.
·         She has a long list of abilities including her affinity towards cats, she can read minds, read emotions and read books!
·         She has a high place at the house of night, being both the Professor of Vampyre Sociology and the High Priestess.
·         She’s beautiful and charismatic.
·         She turned her back on Nyx to destroy all humans (sounds like an alien to me).
·         She murders if it helps her reach her goals.
·         She resurrected the immortal ex- warrior of Nyx, Kalona.
·         She uses darkness to do her bidding.
·         She’s immortal…
Bellatrix is a witch/wizard. Come on. Obviously she’s gonna have some pretty sick toys.
·         She’s a witch for Nyx sake (if you don’t get it see above).
·         She’s cruel and murderous.
·         She’s skilled in the dark arts and can use non- verbal magic.
·         She can use transfiguration.
·         She can fly.
·         She can disapperate.
·         She also uses the “unforgivable curses” including the Killing Curse which can kill any living target and can only be protected by sacrificial protection which is just the power of love… (i.e. we think that it could kill an immortal if need be, they don’t seem to feel love at all).
Hmm… To be honest both of these chicks are equally evil. They both use things that are considered dark and are both murderous, vengeful beats. But!!! When it comes down to it, no matter how much power you have or how pretty you are there were two things that made me think that this should have been a draw. Remember I said should. One of them is immortal the other has a curse that could turn you to some smoking piece of vampyre fried chicken. Against all odds vampires do not dominate in this category.
Full marks to Bellatrix Lestrange.

Now let’s get on with the show, let’s see who has the better allies should this small ‘battle’ lead to something else and who their enemies include. It’s worth marks.

Zoey Redbird

Neferet used to be on the vampires side, well I guess that she never really was on the vampires side. Especially when she turned her back on the goddess of night. Neferet sides with whatever will make her goals *that* much simpler, which is why most of her allies are with her simply because they fear her. That includes those bad Red Fledglings. She used to be allies with Kalona before he went against her, did that bother Neferet? Nope. She just moved onto somebody even better, well I don’t even think you can think of this as a somebody but she allied herself with the White Bull, which is just darkness in its purest form. He even gave her Aurox. After that she achieved one of her goals of becoming immortal. Neferet also has many people on her side because they either don’t believe that she’s a psycho or she’s manipulated them to do everything and anything she wants.
Neferet’s primary enemies are Zoey Redbird and her friends and her ex (boyfriend?) Kalona.

Harry Potter

Bellatrix has always been on the bad guys team. She’s allied with her pure- blood family, including her sister, Narcissa though unlike Bellatrix, Narcissa wants to keep her family safe above all else. Though her most powerful allies are fellow Death Eaters like herself and of course Lord Voldemort. Like Neferet, most people fear Bellatrix and will do what she asks of them just so that she doesn’t go all abracadabra on them (wait I meant Avada Kedavra). Bellatrix’s enemies are all on a long list, she’s got the entire wizard world against her, that Harry Potter is always getting in her way and even her own family members hate her. That’s harsh.

My mind just got blown a little bit. I swear. I mean, really, I didn’t even expect both of those ladies to have so many friends and enemies. Anyways, full marks go to Neferet since not only are her friends oh so powerful but that her enemies are limited and not, you know the whole world. Sorry Bella, but it looks like everybody hates you.

Now some reasons for why one of these girls should be Most Powerful Lady
Villain. Yes its worth marks if you were wondering.


Let’s just face the most intense fact: Neferet is Immortal. It’s kind of confusing since she’s a vampire… so I guess she’s extra immortal or something along those lines. Anyways Neferet also has some pretty strong magic (and she’s immortal) but the one thing that I think earns her the title is that she just doesn’t give up. Whenever an obstacle’s thrown in her way she’ll smash it to pieces and then walk on laughing. She’s definitely somebody who I wouldn’t want to fight and I’m pretty sure that at some point, after she’s taken over the human race (if she isn’t killed) she’ll go after Nyx next. Hey that kinda rhymed, not really! Plus people trust her, and at times even when people hate on her it’s funny. (“Neferet, you’re nuttier than squirrel turds.” From Awakened)

Bellatrix will kill you if you’re a mudblood. Then after that she’ll kill you if you aren’t a pure- blood in some way, that does sound pretty messed up but also makes her come off pretty dangerous. Her abilities are pretty different than her opponents (see above) she can fly for one thing and she’s still got those three curses. Just saying. The one thing that I think takes away from Bellatrix is the fact that her devotion to Voldemort (In her case it’s the way she’s in love with him), would ruin her in any situation. If Voldemort was in danger, she would probably sacrifice herself for him. Of course it could just get her beefed up on rage- in which case we should all be changing into a new pair of pants.

Oh ladies, the decision was hard but we finally know who would be Most Powerful Lady Villain…
…Let’s play the scenario again when this information comes into play…
if we could do video re-inactments, it would be so awesome…for now let’s use our imaginations that we reader’s are famous for…

Alright let’s just picture the situation and say that Neferet was in England, looking to kill Voldemort as a sacrifice to the White Bull, we all know that Bellatrix would be at his side and would get right into her fight mode, ready to attack the person who threatens her master. Here’s where everything we’ve researched comes in (wait we? I did all of this) Bellatrix would have the first move, she would probably start with the Cruciatus Curse and when it misses, since Neferet would easily dodge it, Neferet would throw her own magic into the mix, using darkness as her main weapon while using the magic that vamps have. Bellatrix would use the form of flying that all Death Eaters use, where she would fly and cast curses at the same time, all of which Neferet would block or dodge, though I believe that Bellatrix would also be avoiding Neferet’s shadows just as easily since she’s skilled in dueling. It would be an endless process of shot, block, dodge, shoot, block, dodge until somebody killed somebody.
Neferet would use some sticky, shadows to attack Bellatrix while she continued casting curses. Both of them would be bound to get tired but it would all depend on who gets exhausted first. It’s actually a pretty simple conclusion; since Neferet has to draw blood for darkness to do her bidding you can imagine how tired she would be after letting blood for an extended period of time. In that moment of weakness
when Neferet lets her guard down, she’s gone just like * snaps fingers * that! “Avada Kedavra!” and Neferet would be in the killing curse’s grip. And no it doesn’t matter if she’s immortal. The curse kills any living thing and last time I checked undead meant that your still alive (if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…).

Looks like I just decided the fate of a character, but P.C. Cast’s vampyre has one weakness and that’s how Neferet summons darkness where as J.K. Rowling’s witch has been around long enough to study the dark arts and knows a curse that kills on contact. If you haven’t figured it out yet (which would be pretty sad) our victor is none other than… 

Results: Most Powerful Lady Villain- Bellatrix Lestrange

Agree? Disagree? Leave comments…let us know what should change, what was missed! This is purely just my opinion :)
If you have any suggestions for future CC’s (Character Challenge) let us know! Stay tuned for next weeks line up.

– Gabby


  1. Kiara

    I thought the reason Neferet is REALLY powerful now is because there is no way to ever kill her EVER? (Or did I misinterpret?)

  2. Chapter by Chapter


    From what I read in “Destined”, Neferet's weakness comes from her belief that the white bull can be controlled, which is not true at all. That is the key to her downfall (according to the book):)
    – Gabby <3

  3. Elise LeFay

    Yes, she thinks she can control him and the white bull will use anyone to destroy the black bull. Personally I think Neferet would win against Bellatrix. Let’s look at my reasons: Neferet killed Shekinah with her thoughts proving that she is the Tsi Sgili, she brought down Stevie Rae’s force field, she has immense amounts of power. Because she can literally kill with her mind, wouldn’t it make since that she would have enough power to block a death spell.

  4. Kiara

    @Chapter by Chapter
    Oh… Okay, thanks! :)

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