December 19, 2011

Character Challenge: Edward Cullen vs. Jack Force – Sweetest Vamp Boyfriend

Ever have that awkward moment in the bathroom when you wonder “Hey, I wonder which vampire is totally sweeter than the other?”Don’t deny it. We all know you and every other human on this planet has, so guess what? Today is that lucky day where your #1 bathroom vampire question is answered (sound the DUN DUN DUN)…Who is the sweeter vampire boyfriend? Jack Force from Melissa De La Cruz’s, Blue Bloods saga or Edward Cullen from obviously Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Oh snap. We just brought Twilight into the mix. Yeah…I just did that. Like always we will take a look at all of the important things:

 1.) How they won over the loves of their lives.
2.) All the sacrifices they made and then
3.) The ultimate undead boyfriend battle. 
All to know who earns the title of… Ultimate Vampire Boyfriend.
The Scenario
Imagine that one night, a girl named Schuyella (Yeah I went there, got insurance and pulled a Reneesme; Schuyler + Bella = Schuyella) walks down a deserted alley. We see a group of big hooded figures approach…what happens next is unknown. There’s fear in the alley. They keep on coming at her. There’s no escape! Then she looks to the left and sees Jack and Edward coming her way.
Let’s see how they won the hearts of their female counterparts, many teenage girls…
and middle aged women. (Worth marks)
Jack Force – Blue Bloods
Jack is the blue blood reincarnation of the angel of destruction Abbadon. Is it creepy if I add in that he’s bound to fall in love with his twin sister, Mimi who is the reincarnation of the angel Azrael? Well weird as that may be, Jack has a bit of a rebellious spirit and falls in love with Schuyler Van Allen. It was love at first sight, when Jack threw himself under a car and Schuyler saw not only that event but  saw him walk perfectly unscathed. Awww, that’s how I met my boyfriend (-wait I don’t have a boyfriend…)! After many failed attempts at keeping himself away from Schuyler, Jack and her end up bonding, and drinking each others blood on multiple occasions. Being the good boyfriend that he is, Jack throws the vampire Code to the wind for Schuyler and runs off with her to complete the Van Allen Legacy.
Edward Cullen – Twilight
I feel like it would be too much to simply say “He’s Edward Freaking Cullen” and be done with it, so here comes the long form. Edward first won over Bella in biology class when he acted like she smelled really bed when in reality, it was to keep himself from attacking the girl with really good smelling blood. We also know that Edward began flirting with Bella when he noticed that he couldn’t read her mind, teaching us all a lesson that if a boy can’t read your mind he’s a keeper. He eventually saved her life from a gang, where on the car ride home Bella told him that she knew he was a vampire. From then on Bella and Edward accepted that they were soul mates, the evidence of that being when Bella ended up having his vampire baby.

So who won over their girlfriend’s heart more? Who is loved by teenagers more?Who is loved more by said teenagers’ Moms? The easy answer is Edward Cullen. Nobody yell at me! Please! It’s just because Edward has saved Bella’s life almost 4 times! Good on’ ya matey! Your a step closer to becoming the Ultimate Vampire Boyfriend.
In most vampire novels, vampire boyfriends are only as good as all of the sacrifices they make. Let’s see what these two have done for their girlfriends. (Worth marks, obviously).

Jack Force

Edward Cullen

There could be a long list of things that Jack Force has done for Schuyler Van Allen, major things and minor things. Since I don’t feel like listing every single thing we’ll list the few major things that he’s done for her.

–        He left his sister on the day of their bonding to help Schuyler fulfill the Van Allen Legacy.

–        The one major thing that Jack has done is going all the way back to Hell with Mimi, to deal with the Devil. The deal one may ask? (SPOILER ALERT!) The two of them will work for Lucifer to break their bond so that he may be with Schuyler without slowly killing her in the process.

–        He’s going to end up facing the blood trial (which will result in his death) all because he decided to stand by Schuyler’s side to help her defeat Lucifer and save the vampire world.


Edward has done both a lot and not a lot for Bella. I know it sounds confusing but please understand what I mean when I finish listing all the facts.


-Edward resisted her blood = he didn’t kill her.


-He killed James and Victoria and almost took on the Volturi to keep her and their child safe.


-He turned her into a vampire.


-He married her.


-He promised to spend every minute of forever with her (awww)


So after a not-so long minute of consideration full marks go to *drum roll please* Jack Force!! Yay! Please Twi-hards don’t yell at me. It’s just that Jack has done quite a few more major things for Schuyler than Edward has for Bella. Just saying.
Now the moment we have all been waiting for! The ultimate undead boyfriend battle where we will take a look at what would happen if the two boys were ever to meet up, meet the same girl AND attempt to win her affections. The winner? The first boy to steal her heart. Let’s see how this goes…
The Scenario:
Imagine that one night, a girl named Schuyella (Yeah I went there, got insurance and pulled a Reneesme; Schuyler + Bella = Schuyella) walks down a deserted alley.As she walks down this alley we see a group of big hooded figures approach, what happens next is unknown. There’s fear in the alley. They keep on coming at her. There’s no escape!  Then she looks to the left and sees Jack and Edward coming her way.  These aren’t like the guys who attacked Bella, these guys have knives and aren’t scared of anything. Not even of Edward, when he stands there and growls menacingly. Edward can’t kill and won’t ‘rip those guys head’s off’.
So bring in Jack Force who would stand there and shift into his angel form as Abbadon. He has wings and red eyes and stuff, you guys…major stuff. So it’s an obvious reason why the gang of boys would run off in fear. So what happens next? The two boys offer Schuyella a ride home, our lovely protagonist knows that you always run off with your knight in shining armor and goes home with Jack.
The next few days work like that, Schuyella seeing both boys at school. Edward covers his nose in biology when he sees her, Jack sees her in the hallways and smiles, Edward sees her in the hallways and heads in the opposite direction. Then one night when Schuyella wakes up in the middle of the night she sees Edward standing at the foot of her bed. Our main character isn’t sensible. She gets freaked out and runs for the hills! So after a period of a month (and after seeing Edward in her room on multiple occasions, and seeing Jack in the hallways with his sister, though her and Jack see each other a lot after Schuyella is attacked by a Silver Blood and Jack saves her – secret rendezvous encounter/attack FYI).
Schuyella finally knows who it is that she’s in love with exactly.
Nobody get mad! Our ultimate battle was based on what would happen in the real world,if I saw some dude in my bedroom I would probably call the cops. That’s what Schuyella does. If a vampire attacked me and some guy saved my skin, I would probably be leaning closer to him than the guy in my biology class who acts like I rolled around in a pig pen! I do think that against any other guy Edward would have had better chances, don’t get me wrong I adore twilight- I just don’t think that Edward could last against Jack Force.
Congratulations Jack on winning the title of Ultimate Vampire Boyfriend.
 Treat the title wisely, and beware of the other vampires who might want to steal it from you. Don’t be a sore winner about it either, sweetie! And Don’t forget to call Schuyella back!

Agree? Disagree? Leave comments…let us know what should change, what was missed! This is purely just my opinion :)
If you have any suggestions for future CC’s (Character Challenge) let us know! Stay tuned for next  line up.

– Gabby


  1. Awesome post!! I have to agree with your choice for the Ultimate Vampire Boyfriend. Though I like Edward I think that Jack has sacrificed more to be with Schuyler.

    Can't wait to see who is up next! Maybe some Fae boys.

  2. Emma

    YEAH JACK!! He is much sweeter and kinder and a lot more manly! I love him!

  3. whitlockrulesover

    jack is so much more sweeter then Edward even though i love twilight i think i like Jack

  4. Amber

    Awesome! I loved the story that went along with it. Particularly the “Edward covers his nose in biology when he sees her.”

    And I agree! Jack Force, hands down!

    I like the Fae boys idea, and I'd also like to see an angel competition! *coughilovepatchcough*

  5. Shukrani

    Do you know how much Edward ADORES Bella?? (And I'm JUST referring to Breaking Dawn here) He was willing for Jacob and Bella to procreate so Bella wouldn't die having his baby….. I mean come on! That takes a pretty darn good boyfriend to sacrifice that. Plus, he is soooooo much more considerate than Jack. On their honeymoon, he went through every means to make Bella comfortable. Plus he would stinking die for the girl (Heading back to New Moon for a sec)The dude loves Bella so much that he couldn't live without her. Everything he did and does is to keep Bella safe. That is why he left in New Moon. Personally,I think that Edward Cullen has done a lot more for his love than Jack Force has done for his. (Even though I think that Jack Force is sooooo sweet and awesome)

  6. I LOVE JACK!!! It has always been his destiny to be with Mimi, but not even fate can keep him from schuyler! He has had to overcome so much. Yes Edward is great, but I love how Jack becomes a worth partner for Schuyler in order to achieve her mission. He's a vampiric angel, who gets my vote! Can't wait for the next book in Blue Bloods series!!

  7. Brea Essex

    Hands down, Jack Force all the way! I might get beaten by some people for saying this, but Jack>Edward!

  8. BlueBloods23

    YAY JACK XD <3 Totally agree that he has done more for Schuyler than Edward ever did for Bella. Yeah he saved Bella from the Volturi but did he ever meet the devil and agree to help him win the war against (NOT SAYING) just so he can bond with Schuyler and save her life. I dont think so. Love you Jack and cant wait for the last book to come out XD (I like eddie too but not as much)

  9. Chapter by Chapter

    Awesome feedback! So far, looks like the majority is agreeing with the outcome of the match up! What could be in store next?? You can check out past Character Challenges here!

  10. chifi23

    yay go jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. i dont like the jack picture, you shall do a contest for wich actor is the best for jack, and if you already did so, when was this lol

  11. Dj River

    YEIH!!! JACK FORCE IS WAY BETTER THAN EDWARD!! he had made a lot sacrifices in order to be with his love and even face dead in other to keep her safe!! and not to mention he is so considerate with Schyler :) thumbs up for Jack Force :D

  12. Anonymous

    Jack is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Edward. Edward just seems depressed and sulky and girly all the time. Part of it might also be the heroine. Bella's an idiot, can't do anything for herself if she tried, while Schuyler can actually hold her own and look after herself. I think the heroine also reflects on the hero. I mean, if Bella weren't so needy, Edward wouldn't have had to do anything for her, so even though Schuyler is tough that Jack still does things for her even though she doesn't need him to is just awesome

  13. Anonymous

    That's exactly what I thought

  14. Anonymous

    I admit I do NOT like schyuler and jack together BUT I will also admit that they are much better than Bella and Edward

  15. Kiara

    This RULES and is so true! I was laughing my head off reading this and it makes it better that Jack was the one to win 'cause he's so much more awesome!

  16. Megan

    I love Twilight and Blue bloods howevr I think blue bloods have more excitment. Also Twilight to em kind of feels as if it is based on other vampire movies whereas Blue bloods is original. Also there is nothing stopping Edward and Bella being together as such but with Sky and Jack there are alot more.

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