February 19, 2012

Character Challenge: Tamsin vs. Mary – Most Self Sacrificial Female Character

Hey guys, this week we are gonna be doing something a little bit different. Sadly there won't be a crazy and epic battle, instead we'll be seeing something a bit more... well non-violent. Most of the time I'll find myself thinking of differences between characters and what makes them stronger than the other, let's just ...


January 23, 2012

Character Challenge: Ren Laroche vs Daniel Kalbi – Ultimate Alpha Boyfriend

Hey guys, so this week we have brand new (well obviously new) match-up! Ever since Twilight there's been the somewhat suckish world of Vampires and Werewolves having to be in the same world. Why? WHY? Well I don't know why... but I can tell you that when Vampires and Werewolves are kept apart in separate ...


January 9, 2012

Character Challenge: Rose vs. Izzy – Most Lethal Lady

Hey guys, this week we're going to check out something that is a bit similar to the Patch/Jace match-up (aren't you excited? No? Well you should be!) It's another one of those situations that I just need to see happen...what would happen if you took Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments series and Rose from the ...


January 2, 2012

Character Challenge: Katniss vs. Tally – Ultimate Victor

So this past while I've been thinking about The Hunger Games, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I loved the books, maybe it's because I think the guy playing Gale is really ho,t or maybe I'm just starting to notice how hard it is to find a good dystopian novel. But I've also been ...


December 19, 2011

Character Challenge: Edward Cullen vs. Jack Force – Sweetest Vamp Boyfriend

Ever have that awkward moment in the bathroom when you wonder “Hey, I wonder which vampire is totally sweeter than the other?”Don't deny it. We all know you and every other human on this planet has, so guess what? Today is that lucky day where your #1 bathroom vampire question is answered (sound the DUN ...


December 12, 2011

Character Challenge: Scarlett vs. Jenn – Most Dangerous & Deadly Slayer

This week we get back to our more violent match-ups; two female characters, who have spent years of their lives dedicated to hunting down the things that go bump in the night, will face off for the title of Dangerous and Deadly Slayer. We have Scarlett March from The Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce and ...