March 14, 2015

Blog Tour: Thrice Burned by Angela Misri


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Thrice Burned (Portia Adams Adventures #2) by Angela Misri

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If you play with fire, you could get burned

Portia is still reeling from finding out that her guardian, Mrs. Jones, is actually the infamous Irene Adler and her grandmother. As if finding that out wasn’t shocking enough, the revelation that Sherlock Holmes is her grandfather has Portia feeling betrayed by her mother who took the secrets of Portia’s lineage to the grave with her.

As a diversion Portia throws herself into work and continues to consult with Scotland Yard on their hard-to-crack cases including a brazen theft that the perpetrator boasted about before it took place as well as the disappearance of prostitutes. While on the case of an arsonist who’s plaguing London she meets Annie Coleson, a disgraced reporter who has clues that can help Portia solve the mystery. The women strike up a friendship and Annie starts to report on “P.C. Adams”, the consulting detective helping to keep London safe, with the promise to keep Portia’s true identity secret.

Downstairs neighbor and friend Constable Brian Dawes takes a shining to Annie just as Portia starts to question her feelings for the him. At the same time Portia garners the attention of Gavin Douglas Whitaker, a medical student and by all accounts Portia intellectual equal, who may just be the distraction from Brian that she needs.

As the press starts to show an interest in P.C. Adams, an impostor comes forward claiming to be the consulting detective and Portia must choose between remaining anonymous and letting the world know who the real P.C. Adams is.

Rated E – Everyone over ten: Content is suitable for everyone but may contain mild violence and language and minimal suggestive themes.

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Thrice Burned (Portia Adams Adventures #2)
by Angela Misri
Publication Date:  March 25, 2015
Publisher: Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd

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Top Favs with Angela Misri

You’re home alone, there’s a fire!  Top 3 things you’d grab and save from the fire.
Since Thrice Burned is coming out this month and it features some mysterious cases of arson, I have to answer this question!
1. My family. I can actually answer this with actual evidence – we DID have a fire at our house about 5 years ago, at around 11pm when everyone was in bed. I woke my husband who grabbed my son and threw him over his shoulder and ran out the front door. I followed close behind with my cell phone so I could call 911 from outside the house, but three fire engines pulled up as we crossed to the other side of the street. NB: We’re fine, as is the house, but here are some pics of the fall-out:
2. My laptop – because it has all the latest version of my books and most of the photos of my family over the years.
3. My scrapbook of the first year of my son’s life (because it was pre-Facebook/Flickr)

Top 3 Favorite authors (dead or alive) and why

This is a very hard question (to limit my list to just three!):
1. Arthur Conan Doyle. Any list of authors would have to start with the man who inspired my detective series. I did my senior thesis in University on Sherlock Holmes, and thereby got to read the entire canon (for credit!) and fell in love with the detectives of Baker Street. I know Holmes was Conan Doyle’s least favourite character but he will always be my favourite.
2. Stephen King. I know, what a spectrum! I think Stephen King is one of the best authors alive today. The Gunslinger series is one of those that I read again and again, and am as inspired by it as I am by the worlds created by Tolkien, Carroll, Rowling and Frank L. Baum. World-building is incredible and Stephen King is up there with the best.
3. Agatha Christie. I believe that it was And then there were None that really set me up for a lifetime of loving who-dunnits. Consistently and for decades, Agatha Christie has scared and surprised young readers with stories that continue to be copied and modified for their sneaky little turns and masterful escalation of tension.

Top 3 favorite techniques to overcome writers block and why
I know there are writers out there who swear by the wordcount-per-day goal as their strategy to keep writing through good times and bad, but I find that kind of pressure just doesn’t help me. My strategies involve doing something creative that relates to my writing as a way to jump-start the writing process when I get stuck so I like to:

  1. Watch movies or read books set in the time period. In the case of the Portia Adams Adventures, watching Downton Abbey or BBC’s North & South or Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a nice break that immerses me in the patois of the time-period and usually inspires some ideas about fashion or conversation that I can use in my writing. I find the same is true if I reread To Kill a Mockingbird or In the Skin of a Lion.
  2. I do a blog-catch-up for all the writers blogs I follow. Nothing is more inspiring than reading how everyone else’s projects are progressing. I find giving myself a few hours a week to catch-up on my friends (most of whom I only know through their blogging) gets me jazzed to do some writing so I have something to share with them on my blog!
  3. Do some art. I’m lucky in that I’m a digital producer in my other life, so I like to create videos, design illustrations and generally create fan-fiction for my own characters. Not only is it using the same part of my brain that I use to write, but sometimes it will really straighten out a scene in my book that I am struggling to describe. My best example is when I created a really amateur diorama of Portia’s Baker St. apartment. I was getting frustrated when describing her movements through her rooms, forgetting if the windows were to the east, or what wall she would be facing when someone knocked on her door – that kind of thing. Creating a diorama gave me a physical space to describe where I couldn’t get descriptions wrong.

Top 3 favorite movie moments and why
1. LOTR: The Two Towers (2002). The Battle of Helmsdeep when Gandalf arrives with Éomer at sunrise “look to the East.” I’ve imagined that scene in my head since first reading the Lord of the Rings in junior high and the way Peter Jackson managed to recreate it always gives me chills when I watch it.
2. The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004). The moment when Harry realizes that he can do the Patronus charm and casts Expecto Patronum at the dementors surrounding he and Sirius. Another one of those scenes where the film-maker interpreted the words on the page that gives me chills when I see it.
3. The Sixth Sense (1999). No other movie before or since has surprised me so completely as M. Night Shyamalan did with his best movie. The moment when Dr. Malcolm Crowe realizes (along with the rest of us in the audience) that he is one of the dead people his patient can see is unforgettable. I think the fact that I love to figure out the answer to crimes while I watch movies and TV shows, and pride myself on my ability to do so is what makes that moment stand out so starkly for me. I was totally surprised. I spent the rest of the movie trying to understand why I didn’t figure it out earlier and it is one of those masterful strokes of writing that I will always aspire to do in my own work.

Top 3 favorite actors/actresses and why
So I’m going to answer this question by adding that these are the actors I think of when writing my own characters in the Portia Adams Adventures.
1. In my head Portia Adams is visually a combination of Emma Stone and Katie McGrath with the wit and personality written for Dana Scully (X-files) and Temperance Brennan (Bones).
2. Again, when I imagine Brian Dawes, in my head I think of Michael Vaughn (Alias) and Fox Mulder (X-files). He looks more like Orlando Bloom in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, but he has that brave-and-faithful-till death personality we all love in a sidekick.
3. Irene Adler has been played by many fantastic actresses over the years but never as a senior, which she is in my series. Therefore I would go with Sophia Loren – who has the right mix of class, wit and darkness to carry off my version of Adler.


a misri

Angela Misri is a Toronto author who writes detective fiction inspired by her birth country, Great Britain. The first book in her YA detective series is called Jewel of the Thames and follows her detective Portia Adamsthrough her first three cases as she immigrates from 1930s Toronto to the bustling streets of London. The second book in the series is due out in March 2015 and is called Thrice Burned. Misri has Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario and has spent most of her career at the CBC in Toronto making CBC Radio extraterrestrial through podcasts, live streams and websites.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter |  Goodreads

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