October 15, 2019

Blog Tour: The Wicked Tree by Kristin Thorsness – Interview and Giveaway

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The Wicked Tree by Kristin Thorsness

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We have Kristin on the blog today for a quick Q&A.

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Deep in the woods, a gnarled tree grows. Its thick, black trunk twists angrily up into the night sky. Held in place by the magic of a long-ago patriarch, it has waited centuries to lure a descendant into its trap.
When Tavorian Kreet and his mom move in with his great-grandmother, Tav is forbidden to go into the woods on the estate. But like most eleven-year-olds, he just can’t resist.
After secretly exploring the woods, Tav begins having dreams about a supernatural tree. Soon, the dreams change from pleasant to dark and menacing. On a dare, Tav ventures farther into the woods with his new friend, Harper. There, they meet a mysterious, mute boy named Edward who lives in a decrepit cabin nearby. Afraid, and unable to speak, Edward scrawls “Wicked Tree” on the ground.
Determined to help Edward, Tav enlists Harper, and they search the estate for clues to Edward’s identity and how to help him.
With Harper’s help, Tav pieces together the Kreet family history and discovers an ancient curse. If Tav wants to save his friends and family, he must go into the heart of the woods, find the Wicked Tree, and confront a most evil magic.
HE WICKED TREE, a MG dark fantasy that will appeal to fans of Jonathan Auxier’s THE NIGHT GARDENER and Mary Downing Hahn’s TOOK. If you love SERAFINA AND THE BLACK CLOAK, then THE WICKED TREE is for you!

The Wicked Tree by Kristin Thorsness
Publication Date: October 8, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

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Thanks so much for taking the time and spending time with us here at Chapter by Chapter!

Thank you so much for having me, there’s nothing I love more than talking books!

Describe your book in 140 characters or less (like a Tweet)

In The Wicked Tree, Tav uncovers a family curse, ventures into a forbidden wood, and faces off against a tree that calls him when he sleeps.

What was your inspiration for writing this book?  Was it in a dream? A thought while taking a walk?

It’s kind of a funny story! I had shelved my first novel (after querying it widely) and then shelved my second one (without querying, I could tell it wasn’t quite right) and I was feeling pretty down about writing in general. I said aloud, “What should I write about next?”

My then 5-year-old son, Jack, said, “You should write a book called The Nightmare Tree.” (Which was my book’s original title) And I thought to myself, Yes, yes I should! Then I started musing about a tree that causes nightmares, and the story bloomed from there. Jack, now eight, loves to tell anyone who will listen to him that my book was all his idea.

Tell us about the main character(s).

Well, first we have Tav. Tav is smart and introverted. He wants to be brave, but he’s a worrier. He’s been through a lot at the beginning of the story, and will have been through even more by its end, but he never lets his circumstances dampen his desire to do the right thing—even if it’s not always clear what the right thing actually is. He sees the best in others, wants to find a friend, and loves his eighteen-year-old cat, Mosley.

And then, we have Harper. Harper is, in many ways, Tav’s opposite. She’s sure of herself, knows what she wants, and goes after it—at least that’s what she’d hope to have everyone believe.

Do you have a favorite quote or specific part in the book that you really love?

I loved writing the flashbacks with Tav’s dad in Oregon. They’re sweet and tying them in to the present-day plot happenings was a fun challenge for me as a writer.

Was there a specific part in the book that you had an especially difficult time writing?  If so, why?

When I was a kid, I was a total goody-goody who rarely broke rules. My experience as a strict rule-follower (they called me The Enforcer at daycare because I made sure everyone followed the rules) led me to write characters who also only did things if they had permission. This caused lots of difficulty in scenes where my characters needed to do things their parents wouldn’t approve of. One day, as I was complaining about the impossibility of getting through a scene, a critique partner said, “Why don’t you just have them sneak out?” This was mind-blowing to me at the time, but freeing Tav and Harper to do things middle-grade Kristin never would have dared to do allowed them to go on an adventure middle-grade Kristin only could have dreamed of.

What sort of projects do you have going on right now.  Any new books coming out?

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say because the ink’s not quite dry, if you know what I mean, but readers who enjoy The Wicked Tree and wonder what happens to Tav next won’t be disappointed. 😉

It was great having you on the blog today!  We hope you’ll decide to stop by again someday, and we wish you much success!!

Thanks, this has been fun and I’d love to stop by again sometime!

Kristin Thorsness is a former 5th and 6th grade teacher who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their son and daughter, and two spoiled dogs. She likes dark chocolate, strong coffee, and creepy stories that keep her up reading late into the night. For more info or to get in touch, visit her online at .

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