February 25, 2013

Blog Tour: The Holders by Julianna Scott – Interview with two G!veaways

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Today, we are so thrilled to have author, Julianna Scott stop by
and share some her Top Favs with all of you!

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7-year-old Becca spent her whole life protecting her brother from, well, everything. The abandonment of their father, the so called ‘experts’ who insist that voices in his head are unnatural and must be dealt with, and the constant threat of being taken away to some hospital and studied like an animal. When two representatives appear claiming to have the answers to Ryland’s perceived problem, Becca doesn’t buy it for one second. That is until they seem to know things about Ryland and about Becca and Ryland’s family, that forces Becca to concede that there may be more to these people than meets the eye. Though still highly skeptical, Becca agrees to do what’s best for Ryland.

What they find at St. Brigid’s is a world beyond their imagination. Little by little they piece together the information of their family’s heritage, their estranged Father, and the legend of the Holder race that decrees Ryland is the one they’ve been waiting for. However, they are all–especially Becca–in for a surprise that will change what they thought they knew about themselves and their kind.

She meets Alex, a Holder who is fiercely loyal to their race, and for some reason, Becca and Ryland. There’s an attraction between Becca and Alex that can’t be denied, but her true nature seems destined to keep them apart. However, certain destinies may not be as clear cut as everyone has always believed them to be.

Becca is lost, but found at the same time. Can she bring herself to leave Ryland now that he’s settled and can clearly see his future? Will she be able to put the the feelings she has for Alex aside and head back to the US? And can Becca and Ryland ever forgive their father for what he’s done?

add to goodreadsThe Holders (Holders #1) by Julianna Scott
Publication Date:  March 5, 2013
Publisher:  Strange Chemistry

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Top Favs with Julianna Scott


You’re home alone, there’s a fire!  Top 3 things you’d grab and save from the fire:


Laptop, e-reader, pillow. (My pillow is the only one I can sleep on.)

Top 3 Favorite snacks while writing and why:


Oh goodness… too many to count, but if I had to choose: Club Cracker Mini’s, M&M’s, and Snapple Half & Half. Why? Cuz they are yummy. :-)

Top 3 favorite songs to listen to while writing and why:


No music while writing. In fact no noise at all. I have to have silence or I can’t concentrate.

Top 3 favorite techniques to overcome writers block and why:


Skipping over the section I am stuck on and coming back to it later.

Visiting Pinterest and looking at my book inspiration boards.

Reading earlier chapters/previous books in the series.

Top 3 favorite movies of all time and why:


Moulin Rouge – The story was awesome, the romance was amazing, and the music was incredible.

The Red Violin – Not sure why I love this one so much, but I do.

First Knight – In my mind I live in Camelot.

Top 3 favorite gadgets and why:


iPhone – Never thought I’d want one until I had one, and now I’ll never let it go.

3-in-1 Apple Corer, Slicer, Peeler – I make a lot of pie.

DVR – I never watch live TV anymore, and it’s  great!

Top 3 favorite dream destinations and why:


Ireland – I love everything about Irish culture and heritage and I have never been.

Paris – Because it’s Paris

Sydney – Hubby and I honeymooned in Australia but only got to spend one day in Sydney and it was by far my favorite stop. Would love to go back and spend some more time there.

About the Author:



Julianna was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and spent the majority of her educational career convinced she would be a musician. However, after receiving her music degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she realized that she’d been born in the wrong era for her dreams of singing jazz to adoring fans clad in zoot-suits and flapper dresses to come true, and began to wonder if her true calling might be elsewhere.

While Julianna had always excelled in writing throughout school, she’d never considered it a career possibility until about three years ago, when she’d gotten her first story idea and decided to go for it. She grabbed her laptop, started typing away, and has never looked back.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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  1. Christina K.

    Thank you so very much! The book sounds so so good:) Love the post:)

  2. Cindi Clubbs

    The Holders looks great! I always love the excerpts that hint and tease but don’t give any information. Now I just HAVE to read the book to find out the secrets they discovered at St. Brigids! lol

  3. RIN

    Ooh! This sounds fantastic! Lots of mystery and intrigue. I love this description too. It tells just enough of what’s going on to get my attention, but not enough that I can guess the storyline.

  4. Sarah p

    Such fantastic prizes all around. I am looking forward to reading this book, the description has me intrigued :) Thanks!

  5. Tina M

    Thank You for a great Giveaway!! The book looks like a really good read…

  6. Fantastic post all around – and awesome giveaway! :)

  7. cody

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and for introducing me to this book!

  8. It sounds pretty good. Thank you for sharing the interview..

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  9. Katie Amanda

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  10. Samantha D
  11. Joani S

    This is now in my wish list, sounds really good! I’m from Lancaster Pa!! It’s nice to see a somewhat local person!!

  12. Meghan Stith

    Thanks for the giveaway! That’s quite a collection of gifts to the winner… hope it to be me!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  13. Meghan Stith

    Thanks for the giveaway! That’s quite a collection of gifts to the winner… hope it to be me!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  14. Sherry J

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  15. Kamla L.

    A hidden world, mystery and intrigue with some added romance…sounds like my kind of read. Enjoyed the interview and thanks for the 2 awesome giveaways.

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  16. I read and reviewed this as a galley. I loved the story. It was so original. I want to know more about the characters though!!

  17. Chelsea B.

    FUN! :-)
    Thankyou for the great givaway!

  18. Sam Stamp

    Sounds like a great book! Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  19. Lisa Vazquezanzua

    Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway! This is an AWESOME giveaway!! The book sounds really GOOD!!! I’ll definitely spread the word for you!!

  20. Dorothy Reading

    This is amazing, thank you! I totally eat minis while writing too, haha.

  21. Denise Z

    I got chills with the trailer, definitely need to read The Holders. Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity :)

  22. Arthur Caudill

    Awesome giveaways! The Holders sound great!

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