February 9, 2013

Blog Tour: The Eldritch Conspiracy (Blood Singer #5) by Cat Adams – Interview and G!veaway


Hey all!  Thanks for stopping by our tour stop for

The Eldritch Conspiracy  by Cat Adams

presented by Tor Books!

We’ve got a fantastic interview with both Cie and Cat
where they talk about their top favs!

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Celia Graves was once an ordinary human, but those days are long gone. Now she strives to maintain her sanity and her soul while juggling both vampire abilities and the powers of a Siren.

Not every bride needs a bridesmaid who can double as a bodyguard. But Celia’s cousin Adriana is no ordinary bride: she’s a Siren princess, and she’s marrying the king of a small but politically important European country. She’s getting death threats from fanatics who want to see the whole Siren race wiped out—including Celia herself, who is half Siren.

Luckily, Celia is on duty when a trip to a bridal salon is interrupted by an assassination attempt, so everyone survives. When Adriana returns to the Siren homeland to try to prevent a coup, Celia is free to hunt for the terrorists and the vile mage who is helping them (while keeping her eyes open for the perfect maid-of-honor dress).

Assuming the bride and groom both live to see their wedding day, this will be one royal wedding no one will ever forget.

add to goodreadsThe Eldritch Conspiracy (Blood Singer #5) by Cat Adams
Publication Date:  January 29, 2013
Publisher:  Tor Books

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Top Favs with Cie and Cat

You’re home alone, there’s a fire!  Top 3 things you’d grab and save from the fire.

cathy fire

Cathy – Pets (although there are more than three), Laptop (save the writing!) and jewelry (because Hubby gave to me) Honestly though, I’d probably grab the extinguisher and put the fire out. It’s happened before. I’m very proactive. ;)


Cie – Pets (again, more than 3).  Purse (ID is a b**** to replace).  Flash drives with the backup of all the stuff on my computers.   But like Cathy – I’ve been known to put out a fire (I used the garden hose).

Top 3 Favorite authors (dead or alive) and why:

cie author

Cie – I’m an avid reader, and my favorites change depending on my mood.  But Jim Butcher, Robert B. Parker, and Charlaine Harris are among the MANY favorites.


Cathy – Wow! There are so many! But in no order other than alphabetical: Isaac Asimov, Jim Butcher, Laurell K. Hamilton. Do I really have to stop with three?

Top 3 Favorite snacks while writing and why:


Cie – Chocolate, potato chips (plain) and Pepsi. (In no particular order).


Cathy – 1) Chex Mix, (Sometimes I’m in a salty mood); 2) Chocolate (because . . . duh!); 3) Totino’s Pizza Rolls (combination sausage/pepperoni, because I LUV pizza!)

Top 3 Favorite books that inspired you to write and why:


Cie – I’ve wanted to write since I started reading, so I suppose Dr. Seuss?  But Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series showed me that UF was a possible genre, and Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels captivated me.


Cathy – 1) Laurell K. Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures. I loved Anita so much that I wanted to write what happened next to keep myself busy waiting for the next one! 2) Janet Kagen’s Uhura’s Song (yes, I’m an original Trekkie!). The plot was both so imaginative and in keeping with the character’s personalities that I was utterly enchanted; 3) Rex Stout’s The Doorbell Rang. It was the first one of his books I’d picked up (although I wound up reading them all many times), and I fell in love with Archie’s narration and just knew that I could write just like it. Pick up Hunter’s Moon and see if Tony Giodone doesn’t remind you of Archie Goodwin!

Top 3 favorite songs to listen to while writing and why:


Cie – I don’t listen to music when I’m writing, but I’ve had various songs inspire me.  In fact one song inspired an entire series that is currently in process.


Cathy – I’m a purist. I never listen to music when I’m writing. I like utter silence. I can’t hear the characters talk otherwise.

Top 3 favorite techniques to overcome writers block and why:


Cie – Rest, a weekend away somewhere.  Generally, I only get writer’s block when I’m sick and/or completely exhausted.  To me it’s a sign that I need rest.


Cathy – The best advice came from SF author James D. Macdonald: BIC (butt in chair). The only way out of writers block is to write. It might be dreck that comes out, but it’s like a stopped up pipe. Sometimes it’s easier to push the blockage out than pull it backwards (and would you really want to see what was causing the blockage? Ick!)

Top 3 musicians/bands/groups and why:


Cie – Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Trans Siberian Orchestra (there are lots more).  I love the energy.


Cathy – I’m an 80s “hair band” girl. Favorite groups: 1) KISS, 2) AC/DC, 3) Motley Crue. Why? Headbanging goodness with great melodies.

Top 3 favorite movies of all time and why:


Cie – The Big Chill; LOTR The Two Towers (the battle at Helm’s Deep is awesome); The Avengers.  I love action.  Sometimes I’m into BDF (Big Dumb Fun).  Distract me with explosions!


Cathy – 1) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (love the first one best); 2) Galaxy Quest (love the parody! Especially the countdown timer that continues on until 1 second. LOL!); 3)  Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones). Great scenery, great acting, just . . . great.

Top 3 favorite animated movies and why:


Cie – Finding Nemo (Family matters)(and of course MINE, MINE, MINE).   I’m more of a WB than Disney kind of gal in general.


Cathy – Oh, I’m all about animated movies! I probably own more than live action. 1) Shrek (an ogre and a talking donkey—what’s not to love?); 2) Secret of NIMH (Jeremy the crow is great!); 3) Animaniac’s Movie – Wakko’s Wish. (I desperately miss the television series. It was one of the best things Warner Bros. ever did!)

Top 3 favorite movie moments and why

Cie – I love in LOTR when Aragorn battles the Ringwraiths on Weathertop; I love the moment when Bruce Willis realizes he’s dead in THE SIXTH SENSE; and for sheer visual beauty I love the sandstorm in HIDALGO.

Cathy – 1) The scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone where he’s getting his wand in Ollivanders. Very cool scene; 2) The scene in Death Becomes Her where Meryl Streep falls down the stairs and starts walking around the house with her head backwards; 3) The scene in The Addams Family where Pugsley and Wednesday are selling poisoned lemonade and a girl scout selling cookies asks if there are real lemons in the drink; Wednesday says yes and asks her if there are real girl scouts in the cookies. Classic! Yes, I have a very strange sense of humor.

Top 3 favorite gadgets and why:


Cie – I LOVE thumb drives/flash drives.  It is just awesome to me that I can take the entire contents of my computer on this little thing that fits in my purse.  I am old enough to still adore that there are cell phones.    I HATE phone trees.


Cathy – 1) I found a gadget at a garage sale once that is for the sole purpose of separating tomatoes from their seeds and skin. I have no idea what it’s officially called, but my “tomato squisher” is my favorite kitchen implement! I love making homemade spaghetti sauce.  2) My “Webster” which is a spiderweb catcher on a long pole. Gets even to the top of vaulted ceilings.  3) My “Portabook”. It holds my netbook (which is what I primarily write books on) at the perfect angle to sit comfortably in a recliner and write book after book. It’s awesome!

About the Authors:

This is the pen name of Cathy Clamp and C.T. Adams (co-authors of the Thrall trilogy and the Saziseries published by Tor). They created this name to write under to make it easier for new fans (or old) to find them on the book shelves.


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  1. miki

    arf i’m in europe but no UK so i can’t enter but i discover this series not long agao and i’m really interesting in reading it… though i really prefer the cover of teh last two books^^


    Looking foward to reading your books! Thank you for sharing. :)


  3. Cassandra Loskot

    I love learning about new series and authors I want to read!! I definitely want to read the series :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity :) Saving money is always a welcome thing :)

  4. I like reading about this series because of Celia’s trials and tribulations. I want her to find someone who won’t stab her in the back and leave her broken!

  5. Meghan Stith

    I haven’t read the series yet but I like paranormal books. So, I think I’d like these!

  6. Lisa Richards

    I’ve only read the first book but do have the next three on my TBR shelf. Can’t wait to dig back into this story.

  7. elaine bishop

    I love a good series to me its like having one giant book given out in sections to keep you interested in what happens next. thank you I will be adding this to my tbr list.

  8. Joani S

    I really want to read this series!! I don’t have any of the books yet, but they are in my wish list. They sound so good!!

  9. Natasha

    I want to read this series because I think it sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Froggy

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    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Samantha D

    I want to read this series bc it looks action packed! :D

  12. Danielle

    I follow alot of book blogs and I have seen this series on nearly every one I have been on. It’s intriguing so I had to research the series further on Goodreads (my favorite site, of course). It sounded amazing. I would love to dive into this series.

  13. Liz S

    I love this series. Sirens are an unusual character in stories. Celia, Bruno and Creede have some awesome dynamics. Dealing with Celia’s mom makes the Celia more real. Who doesn’t have parent issues? Love to win a copy of your newest book. Thanks for the contest.

  14. bn100

    I’d like to read it because it sounds interesting.

  15. Ann S

    I haven’t read this series yet, but a strong heroine is always a plus. I would love to start with Blood Song.

  16. Denise Z

    I love UF and am always on the lookout for a new series. Celia sounds like a gal I would love to get to know and root for :) Thank you for this very entertaining post.

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    I’d like to read this series as they sound intersting and the covers look amazing( yeah,, i’m guilty. i judge a book by it’s cover ) :)

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    I haven’t read any of them yet,but they look so cool
    I just can’t resist.Thanks for the giveaway.


  20. Raina

    I love novels with vampires. Add a unique plot and the fact the heroine has to balance powers of a Siren … well, I can’t believe I’ve never read the series before. Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of the books!

  21. leannessf

    Just read Blood Song and loved it! Great kickass heroine and different from other series in that she is a Siren too!


  22. Sarah

    I think I would enjoy this series because it’s something new that I haven’t read about before. I’m not quite sure what a Siren is but it defiinitely has me wanting to learn more :)

  23. Tia

    Because there are vampires, princesses, and magic, it has to be good!

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