September 11, 2015

Blog Tour Schedule: Picture Imperfect by Jelsa Mepsey presented by Swoon Romance



We are happy to announce the blog tour schedule for

Picture Imperfect by Jelsa Mepsey

presented by Swoon Romance
and hosted by Chapter by Chapter!

This tour will run from Sept 21-Oct 2, 2015.




Week 1:


September 21, 2015         A Dream Within A Dream – Spotlight/Promo

September 21, 2015         Myriad Inklings – Guest Post

September 21, 2015         Coffee Books and Art – Spotlight

September 22, 2015         Skye’s Scribblings – Spotlight/Promo

September 22, 2015         The Shadow Realm – Guest Post

September 22, 2015         Next Page Please – Spotlight

September 23, 2015         Kelly P’s Blog – Guest Post

September 23, 2015         The Book Bratz – Guest Post

September 23, 2015         Book Lovers Life – Guest Post

September 24, 2015         Bemused Bookworm – Review

September 24, 2015         A Book Addict’s Bookshelves – Guest Post

September 25, 2015         Margay Leah Justice – Spotlight

September 25, 2015         Wonderland Novels – Guest Post

September 25, 2015         Don’t Judge, Read – Spotlight/Promo


Week 2:


September 28, 2015         Chapter by Chapter – Interview

September 28, 2015         Katie’s Stories – Spotlight/Promo

September 29, 2015         The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club – Guest Post

September 29, 2015         deal sharing aunt – Interview

September 30, 2015         The Avid Book Collector – Guest Post

September 30, 2015         Tea Party Princess – Review

October 1, 2015                  Liz Gavin’s Blog – Guest Post

October 1, 2015                  Susan Heim on Writing – Guest Post




Sixteen-year-old Max Prescott knows all too well the joys of cheating girlfriends and traitorous friends. He’s not eager to have his heart trampled again, but money and a fresh start can mean the difference between happiness and a dark path with his name on it.

So when Melly Hewson, a perky and enigmatic classmate, asks him to be her model for a year-long photography project, Max agrees. Melly Hewson is everything Max isn’t. She’s outgoing, witty and always knows the right words to say. And despite his best efforts, Max finds himself drawn to her.

Still, he isn’t stupid. He knows a girl like Melly will only use him and then never speak to him again. Besides, he’s been to that rodeo. As long as he keeps his feelings off the market, he won’t make the same mistakes as last time.

Yet underneath Melly’s sweet smiles lies a secret she’d rather kept hidden. And as the year goes on and the photos pile up, Max and Melly will find themselves developing through the negatives, a story that when told could push them to opposite ends of their world. But the only thing worst than the truth is, the facade that surrounds them.

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Picture Imperfect by Jelsa Mepsey
Publication Date:  Sept 22, 2015
Publisher:  Swoon Romance
Genre:  YA, Contemporary


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