October 1, 2015

Blog Tour: Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus – Official Playlist and Giveaway


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1. Sympathique: Pink Martini
Great song in French about someone feeling a little stuck, like Summer.

2. World Spins Madly On: The Weepies
“I watch the stars from my window sill; The whole world is moving and I’m standing still; Woke up and wished that I was dead.”
A Summer favorite (that’s not Kentucky Morris).

3. Better Together: Jack Johnson
At various times in the story, Moony’s or Summer’s or even Kurt’s song.

4. Mad World (from Donnie Darko): Michael Andrews and Gary Jules
Another sad Summer favorite.

5. Friends in Low Places: Garth Brooks.
A country and western song, that Summer’s dad used to play on occasion. Since it’s about drinking, she likes it.

6. Comfortably Numb: Pink Floyd
Another song Summer likes because her dad used to listen to it. Old school depression.

7. You Know I’m No Good: Amy Winehouse
“I cheated myself, like I knew I would.” Summer believes she’s no good. She likes Amy and was really bummed when she died.

8. Get Up Offa That Thing: James Brown
Summer’s soundtrack for attempts to motivate herself when she’s so depressed she can barely move. “Get up off that thing! And try to relieve that pressure.”

9. Fix You: Coldplay
This is how Moony feels about Summer.

10. Let Me Go (Rock Version): 3 Doors Down
“In my head there’s only you now; This world falls on me; In this world there’s real and make believe; And this seems real to me.” Summer to Kurt.
Summer to Moony “You love me, but you don’t know who I am.”

11. Bring Me to Life: Evanescence
Summer’s song to both Kurt and Moony. This band is from Little Rock, Arkansas, Summer’s home town.

12. Say Something, I’m giving up on You: Christina Aguilera
This is definitely Moony’s song to Summer. Numerous times

13. Porcelain: Moby
“I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to lie, So this is goodbye, This is goodbye”
Summer’s song after she leaves the gummy bears on Moony’s welcome mat.

14. Every Breath You Take: The Police
Kurt’s song.

15. Au Revoir: Mona Amarsha (Ya Nas Dellooni)
Mona Amarsha is from Morocco, but is very popular in the Gulf. This is one of the few songs where she sings in her native Moroccan dialect. Moony doesn’t understand it all, but he likes it.

16. Hate Me: Blue October
Another Summer song after she finally becomes sober and gets help. She knows Moony deserves better than her.

17. How to Save a Life: The Fray

18. Without You: Ashes Remain
This is a Christian band, but the lyrics could have come out of Summer’s mouth to Moony. She is looking for salvation, and believes rightly or wrongly deep down that Moony could be that.

19. Dés que je te vois: Vanessa Paradis
This is a catchy French pop sung by Johnny Depp’s ex-wife. The title translates as “As soon as I see you.”


15. Lithium: Nirvana
Yet another.

1. Wa Ya – With Her Amr Diab (Beat Mix of Arabia By DJ Shakira el Wazir)
Amr Diab is a big Egyptian pop star. Moony doesn’t like him that much, but when he was in hospital, Nurse Sophie, with whom he was in love, liked Amr Diab and played him some of his songs. So there’s nostalgic value to it.

23. Daft Punk Get Lucky
17. La Seine and I, Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon
An ode to the Seine (in English, by French pop star Vanessa Paradis)

Moony likes this.

14. Mozart’s Requium in D minor
a mournful and eventually frantic sad song that would be a be a good soundtrack for any impending death.

15. À la faveur de l’automne Tété À la faveur de l’automne
French pop singer . Summer listened to this when she first arrived in Paris. It’s a song about feeling melancholy in the autumn. With the help of online lyrics she could understand enough to enjoy it.

13. Asleep The Smiths (Complete)
Another old school song, about suicide.

Alors On Danse Stromae & Kanye West (Cheese)
French pop star Stromae, Moony likes.

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  1. Rachel B

    sounds like this could be an interesting coming of age book. Summer’s journey sounds dangerous, and I hope that she doesn’t end up defining herself by having a relationship.

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