June 19, 2013

Blog Tour: Paradox by A.J. Paquette – Guest Post and Giveaway

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 Paradox by A.J. Paquette

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Curious about how to survive in an alien planet?
Then be sure to check out the fab guest post by author, A.J. Paquette!

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Fans of James Dashner’s Maze Runner series will love this postapocalyptic adventure about a girl who must survive an alien planet in order to save the Earth.

Ana only knows her name because of the tag she finds pinned to her jumpsuit. Waking in the featureless compartment of a rocket ship, she opens the hatch to discover that she has landed on a barren alien world. Instructions in her pocket tell her to observe and to survive, no doubt with help from the wicked-looking knives she carries on her belt. But to what purpose?

Meeting up with three other teens–one boy seems strangely familiar–Ana treks across the inhospitable landscape, occasionally encountering odd twists of light that carry glimpses of people back on Earth. They’re working on some sort of problem, and the situation is critical. What is the connection between Ana’s mission on this planet and the crisis back on Earth, and how is she supposed to figure out the answer when she can’t remember anything?

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Publication Date:  June 25, 2013
Publisher:  Random House Books for Young Readers

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How to Survive on an Alien Planet


So you’re in a rocket, your seatbelt tightly fastened, and you’ve crash-landed on an alien planet. Quick, what are the three things you must have in your handy-dandy getaway bag?

Let’s be honest: I’m pretty sure that for most of us, the first things we bring to mind are the basic survival items—food and water sufficient for the journey; a form of shelter; a map of your new destination. (Maybe a good thick book? But I digress.)

All those things are important, yes. But we’re talking about survival here. On an alien planet. Which to me is much more than just basic-life-necessities. So I’d have to go one step further. When crash-landing on a planet in the far-reaches of the solar system, my number-one recommendation is to always bring along a rock-solid plan of attack. “What am I doing here? What’s the goal? Where am I heading?”

All well and good, you say. But in order to have a plan that can be implemented, you must have a conscious memory of that plan. So … what if you are stuck on an alien planet, with basic survival items but no memory of who you are? Well.

No memory. No grand plan. In that case, I recommend having a specific short-term goal. The need to reach a certain point by a certain time, for example.  A flashing, time-ticking countdown, for example. That’s a very useful tool. But what if the said timer neglects to mention what happens when the countdown reaches zero? Not quite as effective, perhaps.

So: No clear goal. No memory. No grand plan. Certainly, in this case, you’d need a set of instructions. A letter in your pocket, perhaps? Check! But wait—what if that letter in your pocket, instead of making things clearer, actually makes them more confusing?

Good grief! No directions. No clear goal. No memory. No grand plan.


So you’ve landed on an alien planet. You’ve got the basic necessities, but what do you really need to make it on this planet, get you right where you need to go in the fastest, most efficient way possible? Failing everything else, I strongly recommend having a giant monster following on your tail. It’s not the most elegant solution, maybe—and, okay, there are some minor risks, but when it comes to blind-panic impetus and dogged determination to keep moving, there’s nothing better.

Good luck!





A.J. Paquette has been writing stories since early childhood. She and her sister would spend hours creating masterpieces of stapled paper and handwritten words, complete with pen-and-ink covers and boxed illustrations.

The road to publication was long and winding, peppered with many small successes including: a variety of national magazine publications, being a 2005 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award honoree, and receiving the 2008 SCBWI’s Susan Landers Glass Scholarship Award, for the book that would later become Nowhere Girl. Her first picture book, The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, was published in 2009.

She now lives with her husband and two daughters in the Boston area, where she continues to write books for children and young adults. She is also an agent with the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter Goodreads

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  1. Mary Lowery

    I love to read….I like to read books from authors I’ve never read before….this book looks very interesting

  2. Priscilla

    The book itself sounds really good, but I think that the “strangely familiar” boy would be something to keep my interest. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Tammy

    Yes, the basics, to survive on an alien planet food, shelter and Air/Oxygen- how to breathe would concern me the most.

  4. may

    I love the plot! It sounds interesting!

  5. may

    I love the plot! It sounds interesting!

  6. Vivien

    The genre!

  7. Traci

    Sounds interesting…havent heard of anything premise like this, so thats what i think makes me ant to read it.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  8. Sarah

    The story! What a cool idea!

  9. Sarah Lieurance

    The genre is what draws me in. Throw in the story and I’m hooked. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Christine

    I love the whole plot–especially the mystery aspect of not knowing your own identity. It was an idea I also played with once as a post-apocalyptic story :)

  11. Liviania

    Blind panic is a good motivator!

  12. Darith L.

    The story sounds intriquing! Survivng on an alien planet will be challenging.

  13. Darith L.

    The story sounds intriquing! Survivng on an alien planet will be challenging.

  14. Annah

    I love the idea that she has no memory. Then you are kind of learning right along with her. I also love anything postapocalyptic . It’s so interesting to me to read about things that are entirely possible in the future. The book sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it!

  15. Maria

    I like the uniqueness of the plot. I haven’t read anything similar.

  16. Mary G Loki

    the story! I love books where the main character is trying to find out about themselves bc of no memory. Plus in a big Bourne fan! :D So this book is def for me!

  17. I absolutely loved James Dasher’s Maze Runner series so the fact that this is even moderately similar is amazing to me. :)

  18. Erika

    Love the idea that it is postapocalyptic! Sounds like a great story! Thanks!

  19. Emily R. King

    I love fast paced, plot driven stories with believable characters. I’m looking forward to this being released!

  20. Lacey

    I really enjoy reading post apocalyptic books ever since I read Blood Red Road. I look forward to reading this one!!

  21. Michelle H

    I think the plot is interesting and I’m excited to see how the alien setting will turn out!

  22. Krista Van Dolzer

    I remember hearing about this one when it first sold and thinking it sounded like a fun read, so I’m happy for this reminder!

  23. Tara H.

    What a great story idea, sounds very interesting!!!

  24. HOlly B

    I’m always interested in learning more about the characters, especially main protagonists who are female, heroic, and just plain kick-ass!

  25. H.L. Pauff

    Wow, this sounds like it’ll be a good read

  26. Kayla C

    I loved The Maze Runner series, and if this is anything like that, it’s probably pretty good! And the cover is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win :D

  27. Courtney Elena

    this book sounds great!

  28. Natasha

    The genre and the story!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Rachel

    This books looks really interesting, like a reverse Superman or Goku from Dragon Ball. I’ve always loved aliens and science fiction, so I’m going to have to read this and soon.

  30. Andrea Williams

    I love this genre.

  31. Lisa Vazquezanzua

    What interests me most about PARADOX is the genre and that I have finally found a post apocalyptic story that has a human on an alien planet instead of the other way around. I’ve been DYING to read this type of story!!! My favorite genre right now are the post-apocalyptic stories. Thank you so much for this AWESOME giveaway!!!

  32. Ashley Snyder

    The cover drew me in- seriously… wtf is that thing? But it sounds like nothing I have ever read before and I am ready to read something NEW.

  33. Meghan Stith

    I love the genre! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Marie

    The story is the most interesting to me. There is so much mystery involved that I am left wanting to know more after reading about it.

  35. Denise Z

    I am enjoying this genre right now and am really hoping that I will get to know and love Ana. I wish you all the best with the tour. I am glad I was curious today about this post as this is a new read for me. Definitely going on the wishlist :)

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