March 15, 2018

Blog Tour: PACIFICA by Kristen Simmons – Review and Giveaway


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Marin is cosario royalty, a pirate like her father and his father before him. Sailing the ocean to chase adventure is in her blood. But these days no one cares that the island town her people call home is named after her grandfather. They have a new leader, one who promises an end to their hunger – and one who thinks that girls are meant for the kitchen or the brothel. Marin knows she’s meant for more than that, and with the sudden influx of weapons on the island, and rumors of a pending deal with the enemy oil nation in her wake, she knows a big score to gain the council’s favor is the only way to save her people, and herself.

Ross lives a life of privilege. As the president’s son he wants for nothing, but he longs for a life of adventure. On a dare, he convinces his best friend Adam to sneak out to the Docks, the site of local race riots between the poor Shorlings and the upper class. But when Adam is arrested along with the other Shorlings, and not even the president is willing to find him, Ross finds himself taking matters into his own hands. He journeys back into the Docks, ready to make deals with anyone, even a beautiful pirate, if it means Adam’s safe return.

When Marin and Ross meet in dangerous Shoreling territory he sees a way to get his friend back and she sees her ticket home. The ransom a president’s son would command could feed her people for years and restore her family’s legacy. But somewhere in the middle of the ocean, Marin must decide if her heart can handle handing over the only person who has ever seen her as more than a pirate.




I’ve read a couple of author Kristen Simmons’s novels before and enjoyed them, so the opportunity to read Pacifica felt like a real treat. From the artwork on the cover to the description on the back of my review copy, I was absolutely thrilled to start reading. I’m a big fan of pirates, the open seas, and dystopia, so this novel really felt like a compilation of everything I love.

                I wanted to start this review by saying that I am obsessed with Marin, one of the novel’s protagonists. Of she and Ross, I was so incredibly fond of her and every scene that either included her or her point-of-view. She is such a strong, unpredictable character. Every decision Marin made shocked me, every bit of information we received about her added to the complexity of her character. She was, I think, the best part of this novel, and is a character who I’m sure many readers will be able to relate to in one way or another.

                The writing in Pacifica is very well-done, though it was a bit lengthy and over-descriptive at times. Still, I found myself easily immersed in the world of Pacifica. The world-building was very well-done, and it was easy to understand the world as the character did. All in all, I felt that there was a good sense of realism to the world, which goes to show how well-researched Simmons is as an author.

                I was surprised by the differences between the summary provided on the back of my review coy and the summary I found for the novel on Goodreads. These summaries were for (essentially) two completely different books. The summary on the back of my review copy made it sound like Pacifica was going to be a mystery-thriller, whereas the description on Goodreads (which was way more accurate to the novel’s plot) made the novel out to be an action-adventure novel set at sea. I was a bit confused while reading because I felt that the review copy promised me an intense thriller, and what I got was something else entirely, but that’s hardly the novel’s fault.

                I didn’t have very many complaints with Pacifica. I think that the novel was wonderfully written, with memorable characters, and a unique plot. I was a bit underwhelmed with the ending, but perhaps that was because I thought the novel was going to play with my expectations more than it did.

                Regardless, I think Pacifica would be a fun read for any readers who are looking for a fun action-adventure novel, any readers who are looking for a dystopia grounded in reality, and for any readers who want a novel with high-stakes and a pinch of romance.


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