October 3, 2016

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now About Writing


Hi! So happy to be joining you today and sharing my thoughts on the writing for publication journey. NEMESIS is my seventh published book, so I definitely have a few things to share with you about my expectations before I was published compared with my expectations now.


1). DON’T READ THE REVIEWS, YOU FOOL! I know I say this, and I know you’ll do it anyway, lol. But hear me out. When OF POSEIDON released, I was so excited to read the first few reviews trickling in on Goodreads. I just had to know what readers, real readers who weren’t my agent or editor, thought about my beloved debut. Most were great reviews. But then I came across a 1-star review and my heart plummeted to my stomach. This reviewer included terrible gifs, thought my book was trash, and said she didn’t even finish it. Now, before that, I’d never seen a negative review. I’d never really been on Goodreads before. And when I read that, I thought my writing career was over. It really killed my motivation to finish writing the second book, because I thought, “What’s the point? The first one sucked.” Isn’t it strange how I discarded all the positive reviews to focus on the negative one. As writers, that’s what we do. We let one review screw with our minds. It sucks. If you’re an aspiring writer, I BEG you, please please please, once you get published, do not read negative reviews. I know now that negative reviews will happen, because your book just isn’t for EVERYONE. Know that, and your life will be much easier.


2.) IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO MAKE A BOOK SUCCESSFUL You’re done with your book, you’ve queried, you’ve landed an agent, and you’ve sold your debut. YAY! I tell you this, the easy part is over. Yes, that’s right. That whole process was the easy part. Now you’re up for a big fat revision letter from your editor telling you what’s not working with your book, and you’ll wonder why they even bothered acquiring it at all. Then you’re up for line edits by potentially a different editor. And then you’re up for copy editors, who will bludgeon you with the Merriam Webster dictionary and try to make you change words that you purposely—and cleverly—made up. J Then they tell you the cover is almost ready. And you see the cover—and it’s nothing like you envisioned it. Are you disappointed? Maybe. (I wasn’t, BTW. But some authors are, and you’ve got to know going in that you have no say whatsoever in the cover. Just let that sink in for a minute). THEN you’re assigned a publicist, and they start saying things like book tour and blog tour and can you write a post for Publisher’s Weekly and you’re like, “But I’m writing another book now!” But no one cares. You have to do all these things and STILL write your next book. So be prepared. There are so many people emailing you and calling you and who have their hands in your book that your head will spin. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s pretty exciting. But it can be overwhelming, and you need to be able to handle it. You have been warned!


3.) YOUR BOOK SALES DO NOT DEFINE YOUR WORTH AS AN AUTHOR This is a biggie. My books have done fairly well. I hit the New York Times bestseller list with OF TRITON. But not every single one of your books will hit the NYT. Maybe none of them will. Only one of mine did, and I marketed the heck out of them all. This is something you need to accept. If you’re not a bestseller right out of the door it doesn’t mean you’re not a successful writer. Remember, when you go to a bookstore, all those books you see? They represent 1% of people who are TRYING TO GET PUBLISHED AND WHO SUCCEEDED. One percent. You beat out 99% of people trying to get published. That’s something to be proud of, and it’s something that you should rejoice about. Revel in the fact that your book is one the shelf at all. Revel in the fact that your dream of being published came true. And keep writing. Always keep writing. THAT, my friends, makes you a successful author.  :)

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  1. Such a lovely guest post! I like the third advice the best. And oh, who would say that only 1% of book actually do get published..
    Honestly, that kind of sounds teriffying!

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