April 5, 2019

Blog Tour – Mera: Tidebreaker by Danielle Paige – Interview

Hello Readers! Welcome to our tour stop for

Mera: Tidebreaker by Danielle Paige!

We have Danielle on the page today for a quick Q&A.

From Danielle Paige, the New York Times best-selling author of Stealing Snow, comes a Mera and Aquaman origin story that explores Mera’s first steps on land as well as her first steps as a hero or a villain, forcing her to choose to follow her heart or her mission to kill.

Mera is teenage royalty, heir to the throne of Xebel, the other not-so-lost colony under the sea. But Mera is destined to wear a different crown, that of Atlantis. When the inhabitants of Xebel plot to overthrow their homeland of Atlantis, Mera is sent to kill the heir to the throne, Arthur Curry. As the unrest between their colonies grows, Mera and Arthur unexpectedly fall in love…will Arthur Curry be the king at Mera’s side in Atlantis, or will he die under her blade?

Mera by Danielle Paige is an astonishing story that explores themes of duty, love, heroism and freedom, all through the eyes of readers’ favorite undersea royalty.

Thanks so much for taking the time and spending time with us here at Chapter by Chapter!

Thank you for having me!!! I am so excited to share Mera: Tidebreaker with you. I still can’t believe that I got to write a graphic novel for DC.

Describe your book in 140 characters or less (like a Tweet)

Mera leaves her undersea kingdom behind intent on killing the Heir to Atlantis but when she meets him, she’s torn between her heart & duty.

Tell us about the main character(s).

Mera is fierce! And complicated! She’s a good friend and an even more formidable foe. She leads with her sense of duty, not her heart. That is until she meets Arthur Curry.

Mera has every intention to kill him–in hopes of giving her homeland Xebel a much needed victory. But when she realizes that Arthur is unaware of his true identity, and she gets to know his heart, she begins to question her own!  Mera has to decide whether to kiss or kill….

Was there a specific part in the book that you had an especially difficult time writing?  If so, why?

Writing Mera really felt like coming home to my scriptwriting roots (I got my start writing for soaps and MTV) and my romantic roots – in some ways Tidebreaker is the most romance forward book that I have written!  But it did take me a bit to get used to breaking the story down into panels. I actually got an assist from Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures)! She talked me through! She’s writing Teen Titans: Raven and it was great entering this brave new world with a friend. (Also, Raven is so good!)

It was great having you on the blog today!  We hope you’ll decide to stop by again someday, and we wish you much success!!

Aw, thank you! I hope that readers who don’t know Mera fall in love with her like I did. And I hope that Mera fans think that I did her justice!

Danielle lives in NY. Before turning to YA, she worked in television & was nominated for several Daytime Emmy’s. Dorothy Must Die is her first novel.

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