October 27, 2017

Blog Tour: Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen – Interview and Giveaway


Hello Readers!  Welcome to our Tour Stop for

Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen!

We have Sheri on the blog today for a quick Q&A!

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Uncovering hidden secrets can sometimes kill you . . . or worse, steal your soul.

Anastasia Tate has a secret. She can feel the emotions of others through their life energy auras. Not a welcome gift for a teenager. Especially when a sinister presence begins stalking her.

Viktor Castle also has a secret. He’s tasked with protecting humanity yet cursed by an ancient evil to destroy it.

After Viktor saves Ana’s life, her abilities grow stronger. Drawn together, she senses Viktor has answers to lifelong questions. Only he shuns her at every turn, knowing he has saved her only to put her in more danger.

As Ana struggles with her attraction to Viktor, he tries everything to bury his unexpected feelings for her. But they must find a middle ground. For only together can they combat the dark forces threatening both their lives . . . and their souls.

Title: Marked Beauty
Author: S.A. Larsen
Publisher: Ellysian Press
Release Date: October 2017

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Thanks so much for taking the time and spending time with us here at Chapter by Chapter!

It’s great to be here! Thank you for having me. I’m excited to meet everyone.



Describe your book in 140 characters or less (like a Tweet)

A labyrinth of dangers, dark mythology, & an ancient curse fueled by irresistible romance that will capture your #YA heart. #MarkedBeauty



What was your inspiration for writing this book?  Was it in a dream? A thought while taking a walk?

The idea stemmed from my never-ending contemplation of my favorite book of all time, Pride and Prejudice. And Marked Beauty does contain threads of the proud and the prejudice. But it doesn’t follow the architecture of a mashup, although I do love a good mashup!



Tell us about the main character(s).

Anastasia is a sixteen-year-old junior in high school, who lives with her fire fighter dad and surrogate grandmother Mem. No one, except Mem, knows or even suspects that she’s different. Well, most girls at her high school think she’s strange because she hangs out with the school’s ice hockey god, Josh, and has never made a play for him. But that’s because he’s . . . um, Josh – her neighbor since forever and self-appointed big brother. But in reality, Ana is not the easy-going, let life’s ills slide off her back sort of girl. She’s become so jaded from the pain of her mother’s abandonment when she was six years old that she’s blinded to all she has to offer, to the life that could be hers. She’s harnessed herself, refusing to trust and open up to others. She has an amazing support system in her father and Mem, yet she remains distant. Frankly, it’s kind of annoying.


But many people can relate to Ana’s position – paralyzed by living in the past, in thoughts of what could have been instead of embracing what is before them and growing with it. Ana needs to learn that. And Viktor is the perfect person to teach her. Why? It sure isn’t due to his stoic persona or his deft words. No, Ana receives that message through his private pain that, unbeknownst to him, she sees through his life energy. But it makes her despise him because she sees herself in him. He’s her mirror. Her special ability to see life energy and feel the emotions of others aren’t her focus, although both have become all she dwells on yet refutes. But with Viktor there’s no denying it.



Do you have a favorite quote or specific part in the book that you really love?

Ooh, there are a few parts. The story began with the creation of Ana and her struggle to leave her mother’s abandonment in the past. But most of my favorite parts are in Viktor. I love how he handles Ana’s stubborn and bullheadedness. He’s not overly confrontational, but he stands firm. He can see what bubbles just below the surface of her outer shell because it reminds him of his own pain. His inner thoughts in those moments are what I love most. He really is genuine, loyal, and full of integrity.



Was there a specific part in the book that you had an especially difficult time writing?  If so, why?

I’d have to say the latter half of the climax, when Ana finds herself between the physical and the mind was a bit difficult. There was so much I wanted her to experience, so much I wanted to reveal, but sometimes saying less is more. The elements I didn’t expand upon will come to a head in the second book, so I’ll be able to explore them at that time.



What sort of projects do you have going on right now.  Any new books coming out?

I’m finishing up the second book in my middle grade series; no announcement or dates on that yet. And I’m starting to map out the next book in the Marked Beauty series. Hint: the Seven Deadly Sins.



It was great having you on the blog today!  We hope you’ll decide to stop by again someday, and we wish you much success!!

I’d love to stop by again, someday! Thank you for chatting. And to all your readers: thank you giving me a chance to share Marked Beauty with you.



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