May 18, 2015

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Top 3 favorite things to do and why by Donna Galanti




I step through a door to other worlds…and become other people. I can do terrible things, scary things, and wonderful things. I can live out my dreams – and my nightmares. Facing my fears in writing is freeing, cathartic, and exhilarating. It’s an adventure fueled by adrenalin on a rollercoaster ride that never ends.

It’s also about the relationships that propel us into writing, and how even once gone, these connections drive both our writing – and our life. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I had my novel inside me but I just didn’t know how to get it out.

The death of my mother propelled me to finally write the novel I always wanted to write. I did it through grief without looking back. Writing The End was a private made-it-moment for me. I could do this. I could write a book.

I wish my mother were here to celebrate the praise I’ve been blessed to receive. It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing that I would not be a published author today if it were not for my mother’s passing. She drove my made-it-moment of writing the novel I always knew I had inside me to the made-it-moment of knowing I had written something that touched others. I want to do it again and again.



I step through a window to other worlds…and become other people. I can love and hurt and grieve and come out okay on the other side. In becom­ing a nov­el­ist though I quickly lost the one thing I had loved all my life. Read­ing.

Hard to imag­ine, right?

It was as if I had traded my love of read­ing for a new love, that of writ­ing. And writ­ers need to read to write. Could writ­ing and read­ing not coincide together? I needed to find bal­ance as a new author. I had become so sucked into the world of cre­at­ing that I lost the juice to sustain it. My brain burst with words, ideas, dia­logue, action, and char­ac­ters speak­ing to me. I couldn’t slow my thoughts down – and I couldn’t read. All of my energy went toward writing.

After a few months of a reading drought I discovered that it wasn’t my love for reading that had changed but my love for what I liked to read. My taste for books had moved away for reading books for adults to reading books for teens and tweens. Phew. The drought is long gone and now a waterfall of books line my office – all windows waiting for me to step through. I can’t wait.



Speed. I step out onto a road and go wherever I want to go…and enjoy being me. My new nickname by a pal is Crash. I’ve crashed my bicycle twice and thanked my lucky stars for wearing a helmet because it got split in two from one crash when I hit the pavement hard at 30 mph (always wear a helmet)!

I admit to being a speed demon and adrenalin junkie. It’s why I ended up in a full length cast after breaking my leg skiing. Swish. Zoom. Race to the mountain’s end…umm…no, cartwheel down instead.

But I won’t give up my speed. It’s who I am. It’s who I become when I step through that door and get on my bike to travel down new roads to undiscovered places.

In writing this I realize my favorite things to do – write, read, bike – all lead to discovery, and that I seek escape to discover.

And as an author, I get to step into another world anywhere. I have to say, it’s pretty cool to live out my childhood fantasies as a writer of fantasy for grownups and kids. I’ll keep leaping through that door to a new world – a world I create.

Do you seek to escape through doors to other worlds like me? Which is your favorite escape –  movies, books, music, theater, or other?


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  1. donna galanti

    Thanks so much for having me and Joshua on today! It’s great to be here with the first stop on the lightning road!

  2. Mary Preston

    This looks like a fun read.

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