December 5, 2016

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Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie delves deeper into the belief of reincarnation. For those of you who are curious about the theory behind reincarnation Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie introduces you to some of the ideas behind the how and the why of it. And here starts a love story that not even death can end.

For as long as Lily Bennett can remember, she has had a reoccurring nightmare where she wanders into a field to find the dead body of a young man who was shot twice in the chest. At first, this nightmare occurred once a year, but when she and her mother move in with her power hungry and controlling filthy rich grandmother, the nightmares occur on the daily and Lily can’t help but wonder if she’s going crazy. Not only do the nightmares become more persistent, but there are places and people that she meet that are somehow so familiar to her.

After a very intense panic attack, Lily’s mother insists she see someone to try and get to the heart of the matter. While under hypnosis, the truth about Lily’s nightmare and sense of “Déjà vu” all comes into light. But Lily is not the only one who has these strange feelings and coincidences. Lily quickly befriends a boy named Cole. Both she and Cole share more in common than they think, and the two of them work side by side in uncovering the dark secrets from the past, which in turn, leads them into the direction of a danger that has been hidden for 30 years.

Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie is told in two voices; Lily and Amber. I really enjoyed this way that the story was told. It flipped back from past to present which really helped in developing the story and characters, and drawing the reader more into the story.

Although the story was all too predictable for me, and I had already correctly guessed the twist in the early stages of the book, that didn’t hinder me from continuing on to see just how the story would play out.

What threw me off a little about the characters was that in some instances, they sound like true teenagers, but more often than not, they sounded much older and much wiser. I know that there are teens out there that seem older than they are, but I found some conversations to be not so believable.

I also wasn’t a big fan on the ending. Sure, sure, everything gets explained in the end and all questions are answered, but it was all this build up for … that. I was expecting more explosive and grand, but something was lacking.

At the end of the day, Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie was an entertaining read with a few things that had me losing some interest. Still a read that I would definitely suggest you check out, especially if you are a fan of tragic love stories.


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